7 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Maintenance for iPhones

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Maintenance for iPhones

It’s no secret that Apple offers some of the best smartphones in the world, with almost 100 million users. The Apple iPhone is an innovative device, ranking first in the smartphone industry. iPhones are popular because of its intuitive user interface.

With its smart features, users can enjoy a powerful experience. But the best smartphone in the world may suffer from bugs and glitches. With good maintenance, you can help your iPhone perform its best.

Do you want to know how to get the best out of your iPhone? In this article, we show you the proper maintenance for iPhones. Read on the learn the following maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. How to Charge iPhones

Part of proper maintenance for iPhones is knowing how to charge them. Your iPhone features an advanced lithium-ion battery to prevent overcharging. Still, bad habits can reduce your iPhone battery life.

Avoid leaving your iPhone to charge overnight. While overnight charging is convenient, it can damage your iPhone’s battery. Before going to sleep, remove your iPhone charging plug before it reaches 100%.

When charging your iPhone, remove its case. Phone cases can trap heat that your phone may produce while charging. Avoid waiting for your iPhone to drain its battery before charging it again.

Letting your iPhone battery drop to 0% on a regular basis can damage it over time. Apple recommends keeping your iPhone battery at 40% to 80% charged.

2. Not Using a Phone Case

One common iPhone mistake is not using a phone case. A proper phone case will serve as an extra layer of protection for your device. Without it, your iPhone becomes prone to fall damage and other issues.

Many iPhone users refrain from using a case so that they don’t cover the sleek design. But covering your phone with a protective case is better than shattering it from a single drop. Look for a case that has shock-absorbent material.

If you ever drop your phone, a phone case will absorb the impact. You can opt for a slim or thicker iPhone case. Bulkier iPhone cases generally provide more protection.

3. Disregarding Updates

iPhone releases regular maintenance software and security updates. These updates get rid of bugs and issues that the previous iOS may have had. Disregarding these updates makes your iPhone prone to security issues.

Regular iPhone updates keep your iPhone working at peak performance. Many iPhone software updates offer new features to enhance your user experience. iPhone updates may take some time to complete.

If you want to update your phone and enjoy its new features and bug fixes, update it overnight. Updates can force restart your iPhone and disrupt phone calls.

4. Using Cheap Accessories

Using unregulated accessories can damage your iPhone. Fake lightning cables can cause power surges that impact your iPhone’s battery. When using accessories for iPhones, look for products certified by Apple.

You can also purchase products from the Apple Store. Using cheap charges in place of the original one can corrupt your iPhone battery. Over time, the cheap charger will heat up your phone in unnecessary amounts.

When you plug an uncertified cable, your iPhone may detect it and display a warning. Your iPhone will overheat and may explode if you continue using cheap accessories. If you lose or damage your original charger, always look for a legitimate replacement.

5. Not Cleaning Ports

Cleaning your iPhone is part of proper maintenance. Regular cleaning can help you resolve several issues. If your iPhone won’t charge, you might have a clogged lightning port.

If you don’t have proper iPhone cleaning tools, you can use a toothpick. When cleaning gunk, use a light hand. Avoid damaging contact points.

While your charging port, ensure to clean your iPhone speaker and microphone too. Without regular cleaning, your iPhone may suffer from poor call quality. It can also affect music playback and Siri’s response.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to rub over the ports. This will help loosen any debris. Use a piece of tape to collect and lift dust from the area.

When cleaning your phone, use a soft lint-free cloth. Dampen the cloth but avoid getting water in your iPhone’s openings. Avoid using abrasive cleaners.

6. Ignoring Extreme Weather

iPhones are weather-resistant, but leaving them in extreme weather conditions can cause damage. This may include extreme heat, snow, and rain. Avoid bringing your iPhone in weather conditions that could damage it.

Be careful of exposing your iPhone to direct sunlight. Many iPhone users damage their phone by leaving it in hot cars. Over time, your iPhone will suffer from damages.

Don’t wait for your iPhone to display a warning. When your phone alerts you of temperature and low function, it might be too late. Avoid leaving your phone under direct sunlight or in your car.

If you need to leave your phone in a car, put it in a compartment or bag. Keep it out of direct sunlight until you can take it out again.

7. Draining Your iPhone with Open Apps

If you often leave apps open and BlueTooth on, you may be draining your iPhone battery. Opens apps and BlueTooth are the usual culprits for fast-draining iPhones. You can check how much battery an app consumes from your Settings.

When you find the app, you can close it by double-pressing your home button. Swipe up on the app thumbnail to close it. Leaving all your apps open can drain your iPhone’s processing power.

Over time, your phone may crash. If your iPhone is running slower than usual, delete unwanted apps to free up storage. Don’t ignore app updates.

Conduct Proper Maintenance for iPhones Today!

Regular iPhone maintenance allows you to enjoy the best user experience. If you want to keep your iPhone, invest in proper maintenance. Here are some of our tips for maintenance for iPhones.

Thank you for reading our article! If you found this helpful, check out our other tech posts. We have more great tips and tricks for iPhone users.

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