7 Surprising Ways a College Education Will Improve Your Life

It is commonly known that one should get higher education; however, it is not enough just to know that it is good for if you have no idea what benefits this education can bring into your life. So, let’s set aside the verbose statements about the necessity of a degree and specify how it can impact your life in the future.

#1. You Will Make More Money

Well, it might not be a surprising fact, but it definitely is a nice one. You spend four years or sometimes even more years of your life in college, so there has to be a reward for all this time and efforts. Therefore, being paid more is a good point here.

To prove my point here is the information collected by the staff of the Pew Research Center. They have mentioned that people with higher education make at least a million dollars more in the course of a lifetime than those with a high school degree. Just think about it! As a result of being able to make more money, you will be able to get things you like, travel more and choose high-profile hobbies you enjoy.

#2. Higher Chances To Get Pension

With more a more people left without it, you should do your best to increase chances of having a nice comfortable retirement. And with getting at least a bachelor’s degree your chances of being offered a pension increase by at least 25%. So, keep that in mind and work hard on your diploma with a thought about a safe future.

#3. Less Stress Over Money Problems

Since college graduates are paid more on average, you will have less stress over the money problems. As a result, you will be healthier and live longer. On top of that, since we are already talking about the connection between health and a degree, you should also be aware of the fact that college graduates tend to have less bad habits like drinking or smoking.

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In fact, studies have shown that only less than 10% of graduates had a smoking habit, while this number is much bigger among the students of high schools. On top of this, people with higher education have fewer problems with excess weight. Keep that in mind when making a decision about future education!

#4. Easy Jobs

The statistics show that college graduates have fewer problems when searching for jobs. More high-profile companies set bachelor’s or master’s degree as a requirement for the applicants. Therefore, if you want to have fewer troubles when looking for a dream job, a degree is a key to getting it.


The thing is that only 4% of people with bachelor’s degree are unemployed, while this number is three times bigger for high school graduates. The job market is growing and developing, and that is why it is getting complicated to impress the employers. However, a degree can be a solution!

#5. Better Positions in Companies

Since people with higher education often occupy better positions in the companies, they fewer reasons to worry about money-related issues. They do not need to take extra hours to pay the bills or get another part-time job. So, they have more free time they can dedicate to their family.

The studies have shown that people occupying better positions have stronger bonds with their families and have better relationships with their children. So, if the family is within your highest priorities, go for a university degree! Think of it as if it was an investment in your future!

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#6. Pleasure From Work

Another interesting fact is that you get more pleasure from the work you are doing if you have a bachelor’s degree. The thing is that college graduates get a chance to apply for really creative and demanding jobs. As a result, you will enjoy going to work every day and doing what you are supposed to do.

Even the official data show the higher level of education you have, the higher your chances are to enjoy what you are doing. For instance, more than a half of people with bachelor’s degree stated that they love their jobs, according to the College Board; while this number is around 40% among those who had no or only high school education.


#7. Better Relationship

Finally, and probably the most surprising one is that people with higher education have stronger marriages and relationships. The data shows that around eighty percent of individuals with a bachelor’s degree have a chance of staying married for more than twenty years. Unfortunately, this number is twice as smaller for people with only a high school diploma. And on top of that, for some reasons, people with obtained higher education are more willing to get married. Surprising, isn’t it?

To sum up, there is a broad range of benefits you can get from getting a higher education. Hope a list of them will help you stay motivated and more willing to take the most of your college education.

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