Reasons Why Cricket is Loved in India

7 Top Reasons Cricket is Loved in India

India loves sports and is a multi-sporting country. Several games are played here on a day to day basis. Some of the most popular sports in India are tennis, football, badminton, and hockey. Cricket is the most popular of all. If you are wondering why, listed below are top reasons why cricket is the most popular sport in India:

1. World Class Cricketers

India has successfully produced several exceptionally talented cricketing legends. All of these sportsmen have at some point have taken the cricketing domain by storm. Some of the popular legends include Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Azharuddin, Kapil Dev, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sourav Ganguly. These cricketers are idolized by millions of cricket fans around the country.

2. Sponsors and Advertisements

In India, cricket has always attracted a huge range of advertisements and sponsors because it is the most viewed game. Many cricketers have made immense wealth for themselves through endorsement of a number of products. There are a number of reasons this occurs in cricket as compared to other sport.

A few seconds break obtained frequently during the overs or even when a wicket falls, the television shows advertisements. Such privilege is not offered to other sports such as hockey or football due to the continuity of game. No wonder most of the big companies prefer cricket and cricketers for publicity. They are also ready to pay any amount of money for the same!

3. IPL Factor

Introduced by Lalit Modi in 2008, T20 turned into a huge sensation instantly. Thereafter, IPL proved to be a game changer and a huge money-spinner in the Indian sports history. The best of cricket players from across the globe assembled in the country to play this elite competition. Additionally, it provided the platform to the comparatively anonymous players and helped them become a cricket hero. Glamour and money involved in the competition attracted talented and budding cricketers towards the game. The IPL has significantly increased the popularity of cricket amongst Indians.

4. The God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket loving Indians are proud of their God, Sachin Tendulkar. Millions of people in India worship Sachin and the game. The latest cricket news is also mainly based on Sachin Tendulkar and the best of cricketers that made India and fans proud.

5. Simple and Easy to Play Game

One of the major reasons behind then ever increasing popularity of the game is its simplicity. Yes, all it requires is a bat and ball to keep players occupied through hours together. Apart from being simple to play, the game is also simple to watch. Watchers can understand this easily. This is the reason youngsters across the country make the best and most of their time playing this cool sport in lanes and on street corners.

6. A Game of Intelligence

Most of the sports such as hockey and football demand good deal of fitness and stamina. Although cricket too demands stamina and fitness, it is basically the test of intelligence and endurance. Unlike other games, a cricket match takes up the entire day. Inherently, Indians are known to be better equipped to handle sports involving endurance as compared to those involving agility. This makes cricket more popular in India.

7. The Attention Paid to Infrastructure

The cricket love among Indians is endless. No wonder investment in infrastructure for cricketing is more than on any other sport in India. The country is blessed with a large number of cricket stadiums. These are fit for organize events of all kinds and sizes. Most of the coaching academies in the country encourage young talent and support them to make it big in the game.

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