7 Ways to Show Your Man You’re Someone He Can Believe In


Ladies, we all know one of the qualities most men want the woman they are in a relationship with to have is strength, an empowerment that comes from within. What better way to exercise that strength in your relationship than by showing him that you too can be right about things just as often as he is. You are someone he can believe in.

Read over some of the advice below, and if you keep it in mind and try to follow it, I believe you will notice an improvement in your overall relationship, more compromise and less drama. Being in a relationship with as little stress as possible is important for you, you partner, and your health.

#1. Be Real

Presumably, the person you are in a relationship with loves you for who you are. When someone is a good person, they most appreciate you when you act like yourself. Phoniness or acting unlike yourself to benefit someone else only goes so far. There is a transparency to those who are fake and it’s almost always obvious to the person you are in a relationship with. Being genuine promotes confidence and you will develop a high self esteem.

When you stop and think about it, it’s easier to be who you are than to pretend to someone you are not, especially in a relationship. Relationships are complicated enough without adding to that.

#2. Be Calm

It’s pretty fair to say that you get almost nowhere engaging your man in conflict or drama when an argument begins. Whenever any situation begins to escalate, maintain your normal tone of voice. Talking softly will patronize him and screaming will just make him scream back. Being calm in your relationship pays dividends.


#3. Stop and Think

Studies have repeatedly proven that when two people in a relationship are arguing they often say things that they don’t really mean out of anger or frustration. Many times you just need to stop and think about your partner and your relationship; think about why you are angry and if continuing the argument is really worthwhile.

Some couples in relationships often take a 30 minute break when arguing; they walk away and do something else. This gives them time to regroup and really think about what they want to say. Usually after 30 minutes both people have calmed down and can speak more rationally.

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#4. Pick Your Battles

Yes, it is far easier said than done. However, if you argued or picked a fight about whatever bothered you in your relationship or in general, you would spend a lot of time arguing. I choose to think of it this way, the person you’re in a relationship with, especially if it’s long term cares about you a great deal and you care about them.

Accept the fact that you and your partner are allowed to be different from each other, and feel differently about various issues. Do your very best each day to be happy in your relationship; happiness in a relationship translates to happiness in all other facets of your life.

#5. Prove to Him that You are Equals

This is a man’s world; accept the fact that you will spend a lot of time proving yourself, even if your relationship. Many men feel the need to dominate in their relationship; it’s common and comfortable for them. As the woman in the relationship, you need to stand up, stand beside him, and prove to him that you are equals.


#6. Be The Kind of Person You Would Listen to

This has nothing to do with how convincing you are and it has everything to do with who you are as a person. Think about your past relationships, what type of reputation did you have as a partner? If a negative reputation precedes you, you may have some work to do. Think about your relationship now, does the type of reputation you have make your partner want to trust you? Being the woman your partner does trust in an important forward step in your relationship.

#7. Show You Care


Having heart matters in your relationship. If you believe in something, believe it with your whole heart and soul. Be passionate in everything you say and do. Men love being in a relationship with a woman who has conviction. When the man in your relationship senses that you really believe in something, he will listen out of respect for your beliefs and you.

What steps do you take in your relationship to prove to your man that he can believe you?

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