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8 Awesome Benefits of this eCommerce Website Builder

eCommerce is the serenade that everybody is singing to woo their professional aspirations. And perhaps this why the concept of an eCommerce website builder has aggressively come into existence. Geniuses have made optimum utilization of AI and technology to present you with some of the best website development platforms out there.

Admittedly, Shiprocket Social is one of them.

Oh, but we don’t mean to be high and mighty here by pretending like everyone in the world knows what Shiprocket Social is. We plan to enlighten you with a few pointers that could potentially expand your mental horizon and alter the way you assess your vocational goals.

1. A Free Website Builder

Shiprocket Social empowers you to build your own website for your online business for free. No hidden charges, whatsoever! The founders of this software are big on supporting people who accommodate within themselves a ferocious spirit of entrepreneurship. That is why you won’t find a “Pricing” page on its website – they don’t have any subscription packages to sell you. This eCommerce website builder comes with no condition attached, so if you’re looking to set up an online infrastructure for your entrepreneurial idea, here’s a million dollar tip – get started with Shiprocket Social now.

2. Sell Unlimited Products

Yes, it’s a wonderful day today, because you just got to know that Shiprocket Social beckons you to sell unlimited products to your customers. So without further ado, create your own eCommerce website now!

3. Easy Sign-Up and Shop Creation

Signing up with Shiprocket Social and creating a website for your business is a genuine cakewalk. Just as you fill up some general information about yourself, your sign-up gets competed immediately. As for creating a shop – the entire process is user-friendly, which means that even the ones who are not familiar with know-hows of tech – can smoothly navigate through the portal to create their web store with this eCommerce website builder.

You are just 6 simple steps away from selling online!

4. Personalize Your Online Store Website

If there is a niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach, telling you that this free website builder won’t allow you to build a branded, personalized store, allow us to clear the air. Shiprocket Social enables you to create your own web pages, upload personalized banners that have the power to narrate your business’ brand story, connect your social media business accounts with the website and add a custom domain to keep you in-charge of the entire moneymaking entity. For your benefit, this eCommerce website builder wants to be the dormant agent that beckons you toward success.

5. Pre-Integrated Logistics System

The concept of starting an online store is vast – both in theory and in practice. You need to manage your inventory, make COD available to the customers, accept returns from them if any, maintain a customer directory etc. And without a third party logistics provider, executing all of these tasks might be taxing. This is exactly why you need Shiprocket Social’s pre-integrated logistics facility, to ensure that you get access to the ample ease of doing business through the software end-to-end automation.

After all, you’re getting involved in this to earn money and give a boost to your entrepreneurial passion. Not to feel dive into a pit of insanity.

6. Sell on Facebook, as well

Did you know that Facebook is one of the largest eCommerce open marketplaces across the globe with millions and millions of people engaging in social selling and making a lot of money from it? Well, if you didn’t know then, now you know and we want you to make the most of this social platform.

When you create your own website via Shiprocket Social, the facility to create a Facebook shop becomes yours. So now, not only can you sell your products through your eCommerce website, but also through your social shop on Facebook.

You’ve got yourself some money-minting idea right there! 

7. Ship Products at a Low Cost

Through your Shiprocket Social seller panel, you get access to become a Shiprocket seller, which is a privilege for people who are looking to furnish their business’ logistical conditions. The latter provides you with a list of 17 expert courier partners with a CORE rating that recommends the right one for that particular shipment so that your product gets delivered to the customer in the most efficacious manner. Moreover, the cost of shipping through Shiprocket is considerably low, which gives you an affordable window to sell things online. 

Clearly, there are multiple perks of using Shiprocket Social as your personal eCommerce website builder.

8. Win Your Customer’s Trust in your Brand

Do you know what ranks number one for your customers on the list, “I Don’t Trust Your Brand”? It’s the fact that you haven’t provided them with the service of accepting COD orders.

Most people in India don’t trust your brand with their credit/debit card details. They would rather make an unbelievable amount of effort to shop at a shopping mall than share such information with you. And as a seller who wants to capture an entire market of mistrusting people, it is crucial for you to make available to them the facility of COD.

And hurrah! Shiprocket Social is the best free website builder to make this happen for your brand. Besides helping you accept COD orders from your customers, you can also accept returns from them and get your COD payment within 2 days of delivery through Shiprocket. The consequence, you ask? Your customer will start trusting your brand, enough to shop multiple times from your free online store. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

Shiprocket Social is the latest blockbuster soundtrack on your professionally ambitious play-list. All you have to do is sign up for free with this eCommerce website builder, hit play and let the rhythm romance your hopes and dreams of making lots of money for the rockstar life that you deserve, for sure.

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