Things to do everyday to make you smarter

8 Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Not everyone has the same level of intellect. Some people hone their knowledge and skills at a very young age. If you want to get smarter, don’t expect it to happen overnight; you don’t become smarter in just a day.

Learning should be constant; it should be a daily habit. Smart people are smart because they have a learning routine which helps them to enrich their lives. If you want to become a whole lot smarter, you have to create habits to nourish your brain, warm it up, and awake it.

Here are a few easy ways you can do to improve your intelligence and encompass a better well-being:

#1. Break a Sweat

Not only does exercising burn your fat and keep your physique at bay but it also helps keep your mental health in check. Doing workout exercise release certain proteins and chemicals that warms up your memory, concentration, learning skills, and the works. Regular movement maintains these functions.

Whenever you feel like not going for a run or to the gym, remind yourself that exercise improves your cognitive skills; makes you learn faster and smarter. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll convince you more to go out and lace your running shoes.

#2. Pick Up A Good Book

An obvious response to anyone who asks: “How do I get smarter?” is to have them pick up a good book. Don’t flock on celebrity news articles or listicles, look for serious reads.

Make reading a habit. Allot a time daily for reading—even if it’s just one chapter of a book, a short story, or any kind of news (other than celebrity gossip!). Sure this won’t instantly increase your IQ, but it sure will exercise your brain—your comprehension and vocabulary.

Can reading make you smarter

#3. Watch Educational Videos

We know how much time you invest on catching up on your favorite TV shows and latest films. However, we suggest you allot a couple of minutes to an hour to watch educational videos.

Khan Academy, TED talks, Every Frame a Painting, and a number of Youtube educational channels offer educational and informative videos for free. This is much recommended for those who has short attention span for reading. It’s a lot fun and entertaining to learn as you watch.

#4. Get Your Hands On A Musical Instrument

Haven’t you always thought of learning how to play the piano? Always love how the bass pumps you up? Well, enough with your wondering and pick up an instrument!

No more excuses. Learning to play an instrument or actually taking the to hone this skill helps in boosting your creativity; it keeps your imagination flowing. Musical instruments know-how helps in improving your memory, problem solving skills, and your brain function.

#5. Take Online Courses

Who said learning is over once you graduate? And who said there’s no new learning opportunities in the real world and even if there is, you won’t have time for it? Whoever that is hasn’t explored online educational platforms yet that offer free online courses.

A number of prestigious universities and professors even offer free online courses. It’s easy and you work on your own pace. Join an online course to keep your brain updated and functional. Plus, it will allow you to do something daily; something you haven’t done or know before.

#6. Expand Your Vocabulary and Language Knowledge

One of the easiest and effective ways you can enhance your knowledge is thru learning a new language; and expanding your vocabulary.

Download Word of the Day apps for learning new words. As an example, the Merriam Webster app has this feature, as well as word games that exercises your vocabulary which at the same time teaches you the meaning of words. The same goes for learning new languages, there are apps as well you can download to learn the basics of foreign languages e.g. Spanish, German, French, etc.

Learn new languages

#7. Engage In A Conversation With Smart People

Have an intellectual conversation with a friend, a co-worker, or with someone who have interesting things to say—who has a rich mind—to feed and boost yours.

Add to this, strike up a conversation with anyone really—people in the office, in your service organization, or even at strangers online (be vigilant, though). Ask them intelligent questions, pique their knowledge, talk about the current issues and the likes. You can learn a lot from simple conversations with anyone.

#8. Challenge Yourself

It’s about time you step out of your comfort zone and explore the world outside of it. Pushing your limits makes you wiser and encourages you to have that can-do attitude. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it’s a part of the process of learning.

Learning and acquiring new information takes time; and commitment to make the habits constant. Energize your brain and maintain its functionality.

What other habits have helped you increase your creativity and knowledge? Share it with us!


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