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8 Men’s Fashion Trends to Anticipate in 2024

There might be six months left in 2023, but fashion experts are already living in 2024. Though it might seem like men’s fashion changes at a snail’s pace, a greater emphasis on how men look is encouraging more interesting and creative trends to emerge in men’s fashion. If you want to keep your wardrobe on the cutting edge, here are a few styles you might want to adopt before the year is through.

Relaxed-fit Pants

Arguably the most significant style revolution in recent history, the skinny and slim-fit silhouette is out and baggy is back in. Unless you are especially adventurous in your style, you might avoid reinvesting in JNCOs, preferring instead a loose-fitting jean that tapers from the knee down. With more sophisticated trousers, you can opt for a straight or even wide-leg look. The relaxed fit tends to be much more comfortable for most men, so we can only hope that this trend sticks around.

Low-top Sneakers

High-top athletic shoes like Air Jordans have been coveted for nearly a decade, but the fashion winds have shifted, and in 2024, low-top sneakers will come back in style. Demanding less visual attention than higher-profile shoes, low-top sneaks pair excellently with the relaxed-fit and baggy bottoms that are coming into popularity. For a more sophisticated look, men can wear low-top leather sneakers with a straight or wide-leg wool pant.

Leather Biker Jackets

Outerwear is among the more creative categories of men’s clothing, and you should feel free to fill your wardrobe with all manner of experimental coats and jackets. However, one staple you need for 2024 and beyond is the leather biker jacket. A biker jacket tends to be close-fitting, with zippered pockets and perhaps decorative embellishments like studs. While biker jackets are in, you should avoid recreating a 1950s ensemble by pairing your jacket with a hoodie and wide-leg pants to create a more modern silhouette.

Sleek Trench Coats

The trench coat is a year-round fashion staple, and every man should have at least one stylish trench in his wardrobe. Still, certain trench coat details come in and out of style, and in 2024, fashion experts anticipate that a simple and sleep trench will be most popular. Men might swap their current trench coats for updated options that are single-breasted and lacking epaulets.

Metallic Fabrics

The future is now, if the rise of metallic fabrics is any indication. Recent fashion weeks have heavily featured the use of lamé, which is a fabric woven with ribbons of metallic fiber to produce a striking shine. You might pick up a silver or gold lamé jacket or if you are adventurous with your looks, a matching suit of the shiny fabric. This is among the more intrepid fashion trends rising in men’s fashion, so if you start wearing metallic fabrics today, you will be hailed as a style icon tomorrow.

Tank Tops

Some men’s clothing designers are swapping the standard t-shirt for a sleeveless tank top featuring a low-cut neckline. This is another men’s fashion trend that is not for the faint of heart; in sophisticated men’s fashion, tank tops are typically reserved for use as underwear, so creating a mature outfit that showcases the tank top can be tricky. Paired with an unstructured blazer or an unbuttoned oxford shirt, the tank top can function as a unique and eye-catching accessory to an immensely casual look.

Double and Triple Denim

It is unlikely that denim jeans will ever go out of style, but in the coming months, you should consider adding additional denim pieces to your wardrobe. Though once maligned, all-denim ensembles have recently become timeless classics, and more designers are looking for ways to create denim-on-denim looks. The simplest way to create a trendy double denim outfit is with a denim jacket and jeans, but if you are daring, you could also consider denim overalls, denim ponchos, denim sneakers and chambray shirts.

Rugby Shirts

The style of the early ‘00s is back in almost every way — whether you like it or not. Fortunately, one men’s fashion trend from this era that you might be willing to embrace is the rugby shirt. Wide, bold stripes of color are fun to integrate into a sophisticated wardrobe, and they are not nearly as garish as other pieces from Y2K fashion.

The sooner you can adopt the trends of tomorrow, the better. By predicting what people will be wearing in 2024, you can ensure that your wardrobe stays in style, giving you a reputation for forward-thinking sophistication.

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