8 Noteworthy Advantages of Using Commercial Juicer for Large Scale Purposes

The usages of juicers are now commonly seen in many reputed restaurants and cafes, where health conscious people like to drink only fresh fruit juices of their desired flavors. But the extensive amount of juicing demands the purchase of a commercial juicer that will be able to meet the requirements of the customers at fast rates.

Apart from the fast production of fruit or vegetable juices, these larger sized juicers are also preferred in commercial eateries for many other reasons. Though the detailed functionalities may vary slightly due to the variations in the shapes and sizes of the juicers manufactured by different companies; the basic facilities provided in these juicers are mostly the same for all brands.

Commercial Juicer

Usual Facilities Available in All Types of Commercial Juicers

  1. The large and multi-functional commercial juicers are designed to serve numbers of purposes apart from only pressing out the juices from fruits and vegetables. These juicers can make smoothies and sauces of various flavors, help in creating pasta and butter, grind the coffee pods to make fresh coffee, crush some soft spices and herbs to add in different dishes, whisk cream or soy milk and even make a paste of nuts.
  1. The fresh fruits and vegetables can be put into these juicers without peeling off or cutting into very small pieces. Thus, saving lots of precious time and efforts of the restaurant workers. The fruits, like orange, strawberries, apples, and lemons can be simply dropped inside the juicer; while the larger fruits, like watermelons or pineapples, need to be peeled and cut into halves or quarters for juicing.
  1. The customers can be given fresh juices anytime, as these commercial juice extractors can operate fast and deliver the orders in wonderfully fast pace, resulting in the full satisfaction of the customers. Moreover, these juicers do not create any heat to destroy the nutrients of fruits or oxidize the vitamins. Thus, preserving the food values of these juices made in the commercial joints. Moreover, these juices can be preserved in the freezer, if all the prepared juices are not sold immediately.
  1. The designs of most of the commercial juicers are made simple, so that, the appliances are easy to operate by any worker of the restaurant or bar. These juicers are extremely easy to clean after use, as the steel blades of the juicers are safely washable with water at room temperature. Thus, the restaurant staffs do not need to take any a headache about cleaning the juices after every use. So, no juice is expected to get the flavors of the previously made juice that could have happened only due to an unclean juicer.
  1. The powerful motors and the strong steel parts make these juicers highly durable. Thus, the restaurant owners can use their juicers for years, without any need to worry about the replacement of these appliances.
  1. The commercial juice extractors fully separate the totally dried fruit pulps from the juices, making the job of serving easier and faster for the restaurant staffs.
  1. The juicers manufactured by renowned companies offer considerable warranty period that may even extend to 10 years, helping the buyers to rest assured about free repairs during this period.
  1. Most of the commercial varieties of juicers are available in perfectly affordable costs, even for the start-up businesses in a food industry. Thus, any new business person can easily own a large juicer and start serving varieties of juices to the customers, till he/she can manage to extend the business further.

The commercial juicing appliances are cost effective and useful in all the food joints, bringing a good amount of profits for the owners and provide fine conditions for the start-up organizations.


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