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8 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Morocco

With a total population of 35 million people, Morocco has traditionally been a great deal of attraction and a regional influence.  Morocco is also a ride into a magical, pleasant environment with quaint coastal cities, brightly-painted towns clinging to hills and mountains. This interesting nation is deeply embedded in age-old traditions. It’s no surprise that Morocco remains to charm all tourists. Millions of travelers go out on the Morocco Vacations every year. If you’re planning a vacation or your next international trip, there are several unique opportunities to be experienced in the fascinating and engrossing nation of Morocco. Check out a few of Morocco’s Tourist Attractions that are a great deal for trendy touring, refreshing, and stealing your breath from breathtaking scenery.

1. Marrakesh

Located at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh has been one of the ancient cities in Morocco. This historic city is full of stunning buildings that remain exactly the very same as it did generations earlier. This lively town is renowned for its loud environment and lively surroundings and is often nicknamed the Red City because of its French-inspired sandstone structures. Streetlife is full of typical dance parties, hustle and bustle of shopping centers as well as lively, maze-like paths across the streets that have visitors fascinated to the core.

It’s a city filled with multicolored and crowded regional life, not to be skipped on your Morocco Vacation.

2. Fes-al-Bali

Alongside Marrakesh, Fes is Morocco’s other main historical attraction. With a population of around 150,000, Fes-al-Bali is a historic town almost untouched. The whole medina is enclosed by tall walls and a range of ancient city gates. Numerous restaurants and shops feature a rooftop terrace, which is a perfect place to avoid the busy streets. Crafted architectures, colorful avenues, stunning souqs, elegant medinas, are some of the highlights of the city.

3. Volubilis

Volubilis is a treat for historical enthusiasts, with a handful of impressive mosaics still buried where they were discovered. In ancient times, Volubilis was a significant Roman town located close to the Roman westernmost frontier. The province’s rich soil provided many goods, including oils and grains, which were transported to Rome, adding to the province’s growth and popularity.

This place is also full of ruined pillars and temple ruins, serving as a symbol that the strongest civilizations inevitably collapse. It also includes a hilly landscape, where you can have a spectacular sight of the ruins that represent the magic which is no more.

4. Chefchaouen

Located in north-eastern Morocco, Chefchaouen is a charming mountainous city that should be on your Morocco Tours. Chefchaouen is a breathtaking maze of blue architecture with an exceptionally picturesque hue. This beautifully photogenic aura about the city is what draws a large number of visitors to this location. The dynamic atmosphere of nature is ideally enhanced by a sedentary landscape where visitors can take part in social activities such as swimming and hiking.  It is a busy shopping spot with many indigenous arts and crafts which are not accessible anywhere else, such as woolen clothes and woven sheets.

5. Meknes

Meknes is among the four ancient cities in Morocco, closely related to Sultan Moulay Ismail. Meknes has intense historic importance since it was the capital city throughout the rule of Sultan Moulay Ismail, who planned and developed the city’s building design. Medinas are excellently-preserved and built in a manner that is much easier to access and discover. The city is an exquisite display of Spanish-Moorish that influences through Moroccan architecture.

Though Meknes is an ancient city with many ancient landmarks and scenic places, it is also the closest city to the Volubilis’s Roman ruins.

6. Essaouira

Primarily founded by the Portuguese in the 18th century, Essaouira is a pleasant and most romantic seaside town in Morocco surrounded by a natural bay. It was previously recognized as Mogador in Portugal in the 16th century. This city is renowned for its fishing seaports. The lively and vivid fishing boats floating in the water, beautiful alleyways, the magnificent ancient fort walls, and the twisting streets make Essaouira a joy to explore. Tourists typically enjoy visiting the fort on the shore and also the historic town of Essa, situated off the coastline.

7. Hassan II Mosque

Situated in Morocco’s largest and economic city (Casablanca), Hassan II Mosque is an iconic emblem of intense brilliance. This memorial, (completed in 1993) shows the concept and sculpture in the most detailed and concealed depth. 10,000 craftsmen finished the design detail encompassing every meter of the massive two-hectare site. Today, the Hassan II Mosque portrays the classical Islamic architectural style of the finest standard.

8. Asilah

Asilah is a renowned destination for visitors and is filled with tourists over the year. It is a pleasant and quiet town situated on Morocco’s northern coast. Providing a sanctuary from the busy cities of Morocco, Asilah offers deserted, peaceful shores, and a calming environment. The internationally esteemed Paradise Beach is also situated in the local city. This area, decorated with inspirational art, can be experienced on foot in just one day.

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