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9 Best Gifts You Can Give an Avid Gamer

Whether it’s for the holiday season or birthdays, most people struggle to get gifts for their gamer friend, family member, or significant other. So what do most gift givers default to as the most common gifts? Video game titles or gaming accessories.

Scrap out the obvious and make it a little bit more thought-out with this list of more unique gift ideas for a gamer loved one (or annoying one).

Video-Game-Themed Room Decor

There’s nothing quite like decorating a room with things a gamer loves to show their unique personality.

Vinyl figures of favorite game characters are perfect for filling the shelves of an avid gamer’s room. Geeky lighting, such as Pac-Man-themed lights or PlayStation icons light, are also elegant presents that can be placed around the room of a gamer who’s feeling a bit nostalgic.

Medieval and Fantasy Costumes

Make a gamer loved one feel like a knight, a mage, or any character type from the world of fantasy games by buying them medieval and fantasy clothes. This is the level of geekiness that will surely delight gamers. They’ll feel much more immersed in the world they’re playing in by dressing up in character-appropriate, detail-oriented costumes.

Gamer Bags

Gamers love backpacks, whether for school or for hauling gear—laptops, chargers, snacks, or even clothes—or showing off their geekiness. A gift giver can select fandom specific bags like a Legend of Zelda rucksack.

Gamer Socks

Here’s a familiar scene at the house: a gamer has their feet up on the sofa arm, and their eyes are glued to the screen.

A pair of socks with witty game-related captions and designs is a great gift. Your gamer loved ones will never be bothered anymore if they have their foot up and their socks say, “Do not disturb, gaming in progress.” Moreover, these are very comfortable for those long gaming sessions in the winter.

Gaming Glasses

Avid gamers tend to play well into the early hours of the morning. Staring at screens for a very long period can be seriously bad for the eyesight. And they’ll feel it too, with dried-out eyes, irritations, and strain. This level of discomfort may develop into more severe problems and cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

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Buying them game glasses that block harmful blue light will drastically reduce the negative effects on the eyes. Once a gamer sits down, it’s a struggle to get them to put down the controller and take even a quick break every once in a while. The least a gifter can do is to give them stylish eye protection.

Video-Game Apparel

Whether it’s shirts, hats, hoodies, or jackets, one can’t go wrong with gifting a friend some video-game apparel.

A Pokémon shirt, for example, goes well with a Poké Ball cap, so go the extra mile and throw in an additional accessory to complete the gift.

Customized Mugs

Gamers can always make use of a good mug, especially when it sports a witty design, like a classic Game Boy mug. This will make them reminisce their childhood, when they used to struggle looking at the Game Boy screen under a dim lamp. A warm drink and a game-themed mug will undoubtedly put a smile on a gamer’s face.

Compression Gloves

Prolonged gaming can sometimes take a toll on the wrists and hands and may cut the game time short. A gift of pain relief compression gloves solves this problem by providing support to the wrist, hands, and forearms.

These are perfect for PC gamers who like to switch between gaming and chatting. Plus, don’t fingerless gloves simply look cool?

Bean Bag Chairs

Gamers who sit on an uncomfortable chair for a very long time can experience a lot of muscle pain, particularly at the low back area after a series of prolonged gaming sessions. Comfy bean bag chairs solve this problem. They’re not only cozy but also light and portable, so a gamer can move around anywhere in the room or house.


There are so many options out there for gifts. Selecting the right one for a gamer loved one can be very tricky, especially if the gifter doesn’t play at all. The list above narrows down the choices to the best ones that will surely impress any avid gamer.

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