Gift Ideas under $50

9 Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas under $50

Believe it or not, there is a way to give your loved ones amazing gifts without blowing your budget. There are so many incredible gifts under $50 that your family and friends will love—despite the price tag.

With it said, if you want to make this Christmas special, check out these meaningful gift ideas below:

1. Fitness Watch

Everyone knows that after the holidays, most people kickstart their fitness journey. If your loved one wants to lose weight, then a fitness watch it’s one of the best affordable gifts to give them. There are fancy, expensive fitness watches out there, but there are also some nice, inexpensive ones as well.

2. Personalized Pillow

If you’re looking for meaningful gift ideas, consider giving your family and friends a personalized pillow. These days, you can customize it to display their name or even a photo. It’s a lovely gift idea that they can cherish for years.

3. Passport Holder

Do you have a loved one who enjoys traveling? Well, passport holders are gifts under $50 that are sure to make them happy. You can buy holders in different colors and patterns that’ll make carrying a passport easy and stylish.

4. Custom Necklaces

Custom necklaces make great gifts. They add a meaningful touch to traditional necklaces. Plus, it’s a gift that you know your loved one can wear often.

5. Roses

Another one of the best meaningful gift ideas is roses. Sometimes a bouquet of flowers can completely brighten your family member’s holiday. Roses are simple, yet heartwarming.

However, if you want to put a different spin on traditional roses consider buying enchanted roses.

6. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

Do you know someone that’s a coffee lover? If so, smart coffee mugs make the perfect gift. They help to keep coffee warm so it remains fresh and tasty.

7. Bath Wine Holder

If you have a loved one who’s a wine lover, go beyond the traditional wine glass gifts. A bath wine holder keeps glasses in place on the all while sippers take a bath. This gift is a wine enthusiast’s dream!

8. Sweet Treats

Some of the most meaningful gift ideas are simple. Who doesn’t love sweet treats, especially during the holidays?

Take a cute, clear jar and fill it with your loved one’s favorite candy. Use M&M’s, Skittles, Hershey’s Kisses, or whatever they like.

9. Gift Cards

Buying for someone else is sometimes difficult. But when you can’t think of a traditional gift, opt for a gift card. Giving a gift card allows your family member or friend to buy whatever they want for themselves.

The good news is, you can purchase the card for under $50!

Meaningful Gift Ideas: Make Your Loved Ones Smile

Hopefully these meaningful gift ideas helped you see that giving great gifts doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. After all, is the thought that counts, right?

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