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9 Reasons Why You Need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You may have seen adverts on the TV for robot vacuums or as you browse the internet, an advert for robot vacuums may have popped up. Well, my friend, the future is here and it is about time you considered whether you should embrace it or not. I personally embraced the future when I purchased a Roomba for hardwood floors and based on my experience with it, I will give you 9 reasons to join the club.

1- It Saves time

Having a robot vacuum has saved me a lot of time. Instead of having to schedule a time to vacuum the living room every day, I simply program the vacuum to vacuum at a particular time for 7 days. This means I have more time to sit and relax or to attend to my work and only empty the bin when I get home. There is even no reason to pick it up and put it on charge since it will return to the charging port on its own. Vacuuming has never been this easy.

2- Cordless

If you are like me and you hate the idea of having to drag cords around the home as you vacuum or having to fold them up when you are done with the vacuuming, you will appreciate that robot vacuums do not have cords so there is none of that hassle. It gives you one less cord in the house to worry about tripping over. This also helps the vacuum to go wherever they need to without the restriction of cord length.

3- Vacuums when you are away

These robots are intelligent so you do not have to stick around to supervise it. This means the vacuuming can be done while you are away. Most of the robot vacuums can be programmed to start vacuuming at a certain time every day so you return home to a clean house. Personally, it is a relief that I do not have to be around a noisy vacuum anymore.

4- You have allergies

Do you suffer from allergies? Do you find yourself sneezing whenever you are doing the vacuuming and there is not much you can do because you need to have a dust free house to prevent the allergies from getting even worse? Well, that is every reason for you to have a robot vacuum. Just like you saw in number 3, the vacuum can do its work while you are away so there is no reason to trigger your allergies. Many of the latest robot vacuums even have UV setting which will kill allergens as they do their rounds.

5- They go where you cannot

Vacuuming under chairs and tables may prove to be a challenge for you since you may need to lift the chair or move it out of the way so that you can vacuum. With a robot vacuum, you can relax and it will go under the chairs and tables and do all the vacuuming without much of a hassle. Well, I do notice, though that it will depend on the clearance of your furniture. For furniture that has space for an ordinary vacuum to go under without lifting, the robot vacuum should have no trouble doing the same. It can also access tight spaces that you may not be able to.

6- You are sick

When you are sick, unfortunately, dirt will not take a break from settling on your floor or carpet. If you have a robot vacuum, however, you can program it to do the cleaning. Some people to have difficulty using manual vacuums because of their weight, for example, people with arthritis and other aches that make pushing and pulling hard. If that is your problem, it is high time you got yourself a robot vacuum since all you will have to do is press buttons and it will do the rest.

7- They manage pet hair well

If you are struggling with pet hair like I was before I got my Roomba, then it is about time you went out and got yourself the best robot vacuum for carpets. Robot vacuums will pick up pet hair from the carpet and make it less stressful having your furry friends in the house. I used to vacuum the floor every day before I set off to work but I would return to a hairy floor, but now I set the vacuum to do the vacuuming for me and the amount of hair I find when I return is not much and sometimes there is actually nothing. I think every dog or cat owner, should have this. Actually, even if your girlfriend or wife is shading a lot of hair on the floor, the robot vacuum will save your relationship.

8- It won’t forget

Robots unlike humans, do not forget. When you program it to clean up at a particular time, that is exactly what it will do. It will not get caught up watching its favorite show on TV and forget to vacuum. Also, they are able to navigate through the room and ensure they get all the parts of the house while a human may forget a particular part of the home or deliberately live it out because they are tired. With robots, there is more consistency.

9- They are cool

If you have watched an episode of the Jetsons, then you know what I am talking about. It is really cool to have a robot in the house. If you like the latest fancy gadgets, then you should have a robot vacuum as well. There are even some like a particular model of the Roomba which can connect to your phone using an App and you can control it using your phone even when you are at work. Now that is something to show off at work during a coffee break and become the coolest one in the office.

Basically, a robot vacuum will make your life a lot simpler and happier, I do not regret purchasing mine for hardwood floors and I would recommend you do the same.

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