Business Cards: 9 Tips for Handing Them Out

There are many things that businesses can do to help increase their customer base. And after accomplishing this goal, it becomes easier to increase profit levels as well. So, what is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to increase a customer base? The answer is simple. Business Cards.

business cards importance

Business cards have been used for many years and for good reasons. They help businesses maintain a professional appearance as well as help them provide customers with valuable contact info.

After a business goes about getting business cards printed, it is pertinent that the cards don’t sit in a box. Instead, they must be distributed. What are the best ways to hand them out? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Keep Them Close

By keeping business cards in a purse, pocket, or wallet, it becomes easier to access them when they are needed. It is important to have several cards on hand at any given time. During the morning time before leaving the house, it should be a part of the routine to check for business cards.

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2. Don’t Bend Them

Business cards should not be bent or folded. If they are, this makes them appear unprofessional.

3. Update Contact Info

If a company’s name, address, phone number, email or website address changes, it is imperative that this info be updated; this means that new Business Cards will need to be printed.

4. Place Them Everywhere

Business cards should be placed any place that they can, including at actual places of business, restaurants, libraries and more. The more places that they are placed, the more visible a company’s brand will be.

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Anytime there is a fishbowl contest, meaning every contestant simply enters his or her contact info into a bowl, it is good to throw in a business card. In doing so, a person can even further put a business card to good use.

5. Mail Business Cards

Anytime any type of mail correspondence is taking place, it is best to include a business card. By doing this, it becomes possible to generate business. Every time a package is shipped, include a business card.

Every time a bill is paid, include a business card. When paying bills online, within the payment info, include an electronic signature, business name and contact info; this serves as a great electronic business card.

6. Use Them as Paper

When jotting down a quick note for customer or potential customer, jot down the info on the back of a business card; this provides a great reason for the person to actually keep the card because they will want to keep the info on the back of the card.

7. Include a List of Measurement

People tend to hold on to business cards longer if the cards serve some type of purpose. Keeping this in mind, it can be valuable to print a list of measurements on the back of business cards. In doing so, consumers are more likely to use the cards on a regular basis as well as more apt to avoid throwing the cards away.

8. Provide Each Worker with Business Cards

Every employee of a business should have his or her own business cards. By doing this, a business is sure to increase its brand visibility to the furthest degree.

9.Use Them as an Introduction Tool

Any time an employee introduces his self or herself to someone new, it is pertinent that a business card be handed out. Such situations include when visiting a new doctor, going to the dentist, attending children’s school activities and more.

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