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AutoZone AC Cooling System Tools Explained

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY expert looking to upgrade your toolkit or you’re tackling your first AC cooling system repair project, find out today how three essential tools can be used for accurate diagnosis and repair of your system. Once you find the source of your AC issue, shop online and enjoy free delivery on auto parts to create affordable solutions for your auto repair.

AC Manifold Gauge Sets

Start with a professional AC manifold gauge set. These dynamic gauges are one of the most important tools for restarting your AC system. A typical manifold gauge set comes with three hoses:

  • Yellow hose to connect to your refrigerant refill can
  • Red hose for the high-pressure side of your AC system
  • Blue hose for the low-pressure side of your system

Unlike a single-use refrigerant can with a low-pressure gauge included, your manifold gauge system can give you a range of important diagnostics as you set your AC system at the ideal pressure. You can easily add coolant if the pressure reading is low, or you can diagnose the issue if the pressure is too high.

Typically, a high pressure reading indicates that the system is either clogged or restricted in part of the line or has too much refrigerant. You can also check to see if your coolant system can hold a vacuum and the amount of vacuum it can handle. These readings will help you use your vacuum pump correctly and can save hours of troubleshooting if you have a restricted or damaged line.

AC Flush Kits

Once you determine your system has a restricted line, an AC flush kit is the perfect way to clean the interior of your lines, evaporator, condenser and other necessary components. Choose a kit that comes with a mixture of flushing solvent and compressed air, otherwise you may not fully clean the entire length of AC system lines.

Vacuum Pumps

Finally, a vacuum pump is instrumental for creating a vacuum in your system. Without a vacuum, your system is probably already leaking refrigerant. Even after testing, your vacuum pump seals your system and creates the proper pressure for optimal flow and cool, comfortable interior temperatures. Check for AC vacuum pump rental rates in your area to save money while using this professional AC cooling system tool.

It could take up to an hour to use your vacuum pump, so set aside some time to check for leaks, remove moisture and create a vacuum in your system. Be sure to consult your service manual to determine the amount of vacuum necessary for your system.

Finding Professional Parts, Tools and Assistance

Be sure to shop around for the best rates for these tools and all the repair components you need to restore your cooling system. Whether you’re driving in the middle of summer or looking to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming heat, your AC is an essential feature in terms of comfort while driving.

If your AC repair project is becoming too much for you to handle on your own, ask for repair help from industry-leading professionals who understand your parts, tools and DIY projects. A trained technician can help you restore your AC performance today.

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