ACES ETM – How to Set Up Direct Deposit and Payroll Card

ACES ETM – How to Set Up Direct Deposit and Payroll Card

As a huge fashion retail company, Limited Brands offers the easiness for its staffs. It creates ACES ETM to provide HR service for the employees. Through ACES Limited Brands portal, the staffs can access any information they need. For example, they can find salary payment info. Besides, Limited Brands offers two types of payments. The options offered are environment-friendly. First, the staffs can choose direct deposit. And the second option is payroll card. This article will explain clearly the difference of these payment methods.

Both choices can ensure you to receive the salary on time. No matter the situation, you will get the payment right on the pay day. Some staffs choose the direct deposit to take its advantages. Through the direct deposit, the Limited Brands ACES will deposit your salary into your account. When you have an existing bank account, the process of setting up is simpler. You just need to visit Since you can set up the direct deposit online, you will only need a few minutes. On the next payday, Limited Brands will send the payment to your bank account.

In contrast, other employees prefer the payroll card. This card is like a debit card. The payroll card has your name and Limited Brands logo printed on it. When you choose to receive the salary via payroll card, L Brands will load your salary into your card account. You should create your account at ACES ETM if you want to use this service. When you have got your payment, you can use this card as like you use a debit card. You can withdraw the money from ATM by using this card. Besides, you can use it to go shopping in the retail outlet. Since this card has Visa logo, you also can use it on all merchants that accept Visa debit card.

From the brief information above, you will be able to decide your choice. If you are a new staff of ACES Limited Brands, you should choose the method of payment. This way you will not get difficult to receive the salary. You can review all information about payment. You should understand the strength and weakness of using direct deposit or payroll card. So, you will not get troubles later. If you have some questions about the payment method, you should contact the HR Direct at 866.473.4728.

Guideline To Set Up Direct Deposit At ACES ETM

Before choosing the payment method, you should create a personal account at L Brands Access self-service. Then, you should check whether your details at ACES ETM are correct. For instance, you have to review your address as well as phone number. Before you prefer to receive the payment via direct deposit, you should find out more about it. What is direct deposit? It is the payment system which L Brand will automatically transfer the salary into your bank account.

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It is the easiest way to get paid. When you set up the direct deposit choice, you need to enter your bank account information. If you do not have a bank account, you should open the new one. Even you get paid via bank; you will still receive a pay statement from L Brands. Besides, you can access the portal to view online pay stubs.

How To Receive Direct Deposit Step By Step

Do you want to receive direct deposit? Well, you don’t have to worry as this nice article will guide you. Here, you must have the internet access as you have to do it online. And then, you can start to open your browser and follow this guideline. They are:

  • Make sure that you have a personal account in associate resources site.

Then you should review if all information you provide is correct. So, you should keep your personal detail up to date. After that, you need to check the address, phone number, social security number. Do not forget to add an emergency contact.

You must have the employee ID or network ID to log in. If you have not set up the password, you should register first. So, you have to click New User to create a new account.

  • Choose My Payroll and Compensation.

When you are logging into ACES ETM, you should see the section on the left of the screen. Try to find My Payroll and Compensation menu. Then, the site will show two choices; Direct Deposit and Payroll Card.

  • Select Direct Deposit.

Since you want Limited Brands to send your salary to your bank account, you should click on Direct Deposit. Then, the portal requires you to enter some details such as the bank account number.

Finally, you have set up a Direct Deposit as L Brands payment system. On the following pay day, Limited Brands will transfer the payment to your bank. You can review your pay stubs by visiting Limited Brands Access or ACES ETM. Then, you can print the pay statement as well.

How To Use The Payroll Card As The Payment System

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A payroll card is like your bank debit card. When you do not choose Direct Deposit, L Brands will automatically give you a payroll card. The newly hired staffs will receive a payroll card. You just need to talk to your manager. The company will load your card with your biweekly or monthly pay. Using a payroll card means that you must have a bank account. L Brands will open the bank account for you.

The way to use the payroll card is similar as when you use your debit card. But, you cannot make a deposit to your card. You only can spend up to or withdraw money from it. Here are some ways to use Limited Brands Payroll card.

  • Use it as a Visa debit card.

Your Payroll card has a Visa logo. So, you can use it to purchase some products in the grocery or clothing store that accepts Visa debit card.

  • Withdraw the cash from ATM.

Before you withdraw some cash, you should make sure that the ATM has a Visa logo. You can cash the payroll card for a portion. You also can withdraw the whole amount of your salary.

  • Write a pre-check.

You can make yourself a pre-check at Visa member bank. Besides, you can write for the whole amount or a portion of your salary.

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So, it is the entire information that you can get when it comes to ACES ETM. Now, you can start to process setting up the direct deposit of your account. Besides, you can also set up your payroll card in an easy way. Yes, you just have to follow all the information explained earlier. Enjoy setting up your direct deposit and enjoy payroll card!

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