The Advantages Of Using A Cantilever Parasol
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The Advantages Of Using A Cantilever Parasol

Imagine this scenario. You’re planning a dinner party outside your garden. You’ve set the decorations, the arrangements, the food and the entertainment only to be disappointed at the sight of poles that blocks the view. Or how about when you’re trying to figure out how to protect your garden furniture from the raging heat of the sun or the rain but you can’t find any parasol hole to place a garden parasol in? These are all common problems for a homeowner who wants to have a beautiful garden while simultaneously having the protection needed for garden furniture, that might deteriorate when exposed to different weathers. Fortunately, the cantilever parasol exists to address these common problems for many homes. In fact, it has become a popular garden accessory as it provides shade from the heat of the sun and the rain without ruining the garden panorama.

A cantilever parasol differs from a regular parasol because of its structure. While a regular parasol has a beam in the middle to be put up in an area that needs shade, the cantilever parasol resembles a lamp wherein its beam are located on the outer rim of the cover. A section of metal at the top of the beam protrudes in a right angle while the end is attached to the middle of the cover. This unique design makes a cantilever parasol more popular compared to a regular parasol. It is widely used in the gardens of many homes and even in numerous al fresco dining restaurants and coffee shops. Using a cantilever parasol has numerous advantages.

Ease of Use and Placement


Garden parasols by Solero is very easy to set up and to use. A lot of its models come with their own base that can be installed in the exact location that you want without any unwarranted hassles. Although there are models that don’t come with a base of their own, you can still place a base on them to provide the support that you need.

The winding mechanism of a cantilever parasol is also quite simple to manipulate. It can turn 360 degrees to wherever you want it go, giving you the flexibility that you need. You can choose the exact area where the parasol’s covering can provide shade with such ease and precision you don’t need to find someone to assist you.

A Stylish Appeal

One of the best things about the cantilever parasol is its ability to provide shade without having to destroy a perfectly good view of the garden. Since its beam is situated on the side of the furniture or on the side of the area that needs shade, you will have an unobstructed view of your garden.

Furthermore, a cantilever parasol offers a wide array of designs and colors that will suit your taste, no matter what your preferences are. There are elegant looking parasols with intricate frameworks, and there are simple ones that are characteristically designed to look stylish in a straightforward manner. Whether it is used for the garden or simply for commercial businesses, the cantilever parasols will never disappoint.



It’s made with sturdiness in mind. You might think that because of their unique structure, cantilever parasols can be easily torn down. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Despite its unique structure, it is made of high-end materials to ensure that it will be durable in the face of strong winds and rains. The majority of cantilever parasols are manufactured with aluminum beams and bases, that are guaranteed to make the parasol stay in place, exactly where you left it. Meanwhile, the canopy is made with water-proof polyester and features an air vents to prevent it from toppling over during strong winds. It is also rot and fade-proof, ensuring that its appearance remains pristine even for years to come.

Protection with Comfort

The cantilever parasol is designed to give the best protection with little to no hassle. It can be placed in the garden, near a pool, near a tub, along the road, in parks or anywhere at all to keep people and furniture in shade. Its unique structure allows a great view, providing protection and comfort all at the same time. Its uses for protection are generally limitless! Whether the area that needs shade is small or large, these parasols will be sure to do its job effortlessly.


Cantilever Parasols

Due to its unique design, the cantilever parasol can be used anytime, everywhere! It is lightweight and the canopy can be folded when it is being moved, making it easy to carry away and place in a location that needs shade. What’s more, because its canopy can be twisted 360 degrees, it can offer a wide variety of angles it can provide shade with. Whether it’s for the garden furniture, for the children swimming in the pool, for a cozy day in an outdoor hot tub or simply to enjoy fresh air while reading a book, the cantilever parasol will provide protection anywhere that you need it, whenever you need it.

Variety of Choices

Another good thing about the cantilever parasol is that there is a wide array of options to choose from. You want to protect a small area? You can purchase a petite push-up parasols that measure only 1.8 cm. For larger areas, you can buy commercial parasols that typically measure up to 3.5 meters. These commercial parasols are usually used for al fresco restaurants and pubs. There are also medium-sized cantilever parasols that can provide shade for moderately sized areas. A cantilever parasol is also available in multiple colors and a variety of designs that will suit your garden’s landscape easily.

It is no secret that designing a garden is a difficult task. One needs to plan carefully and purchase garden furniture meticulously to ensure that it looks great in the garden. Buying a cantilever parasol will always be an essential part of buying a garden accessory. Not only does it provide protection from the sun and the rain, it will also add a hint of elegance and character in your garden landscape.

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