Air Filters vs Air Purifiers

Air Filters vs Air Purifiers: Which One to Buy?

Clean air is a concern for every person whether you live in a dense city or on a rural property. Running your air conditioning is a simple way to clean the indoor air, but you might wonder how effective it is on the smallest particles floating around. Take a look at air filters versus air purifiers so that you can decide on the best purchase for your home.

For Basic Filtration

Air filters, like a 20x20x4 air filters for AC and furnaces that you could find at Filter King, are designed to capture large particles in your HVAC system. In essence, they function as protective devices for the mechanical parts. The filter isn’t necessarily meant to clean the air. It stops dust from accumulating on the system.

For households with minimal allergy issues, an air filter is perfectly sufficient for conditioned air. Most particulates remain outdoors because the home is closed off during AC operations. You’ll notice that most odors are eliminated with the windows and doors closed off to the outside air too. Areas with documented unhealthy air quality, however, might benefit from a purifier as opposed to an air filter on most days.

Advancing to Cleaner Air

Purchase an air purifier when you want to clear out smaller particulates from the interior spaces. Pollen, dander, mold, and mildew are just a few of the particulates that will escape a standard filter. Households with sensitive individuals benefit from purifiers ran for most of the day.

Purifiers aren’t installed within your HVAC system, however. They’re separate units from the air conditioning components. This fact makes their purchase a bit easier because you have a chance to survey different models and pick the one that’s right for you.

Working With Both Systems

A clever way to filter out both small and large particles is by running the HVAC system with a purifier. Purchase filters by mail to outfit the air conditioning with a new product. Pick out a desirable purifier. When you run these two systems together, cleaner air is the result.

You might notice a difference in the air quality right away. Purifiers often give off ions, which have a telltale scent. Simply keep the home’s doors and windows closed for the best effects. Both systems provide air filtration that’s critical to overall health.

Critical Maintenance

Both filter products and purifiers cannot operate indefinitely without some maintenance. Ideally, purchase filters by mail on a regular basis for the AC system. They should be swapped out once a month if the system runs both day and night. A clean filter allows air to flow with ease, which protects the life of your system. In contrast, dirty filters block air and actually cause worsening air quality in the home over time.

Air purifiers don’t always require filters by mail. Some models have internal parts that must be cleaned by hand. Verify its maintenance needs before you purchase a model. If it does require filters, you can purchase them for both systems at once. Maintaining the systems together will only improve the air quality.

Protecting your home with filters and purifiers are the best ways to clean the indoor air. Keep up with maintenance too because the system will run longer and better with this extra care. Your home can be an oasis away from polluted air as a result.

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