All the Latest and Hottest Transgender Sex Toys

All The Latest and Hottest Transgender Sex Toys

Shopping around for sex toys isn’t always a breeze. Especially for people that identify as transgender. This article is here to provide you with the ultimate list of trans-friendly sex toys.

For too long, people among the trans community have struggled to find sex toys that fit their unique needs. But today, it appears as though things are changing. Trans-friendly sex toys are thankfully becoming commonplace and much easier to find.

5 popular types of trans sex toys

Everyone has their own favorite kind of sex toy for their own multitude of reasons. But what makes a sex toy trans-friendly? Transgender people might be going through complex hormonal treatments and their bodies react in ways that will affect their sex lives.

In order to fully adjust to their new and changing bodies, transgender people need their sex toys to be transformed as well. Here are a few sex toys that cater to the trans community.

The Enby

This toy has is self-described as being universally inclusive and gender-neutral. It can be easily modified to fit anyone’s needs. A simple reshape allows for it to be used as a masturbation sleeve, to be tucked inside a harness, slid between partners, and anything else your desire desires.

Finding a truly versatile and gender-neutral sex toy is not easy, but thankfully, the Enby is here to stick around, and hopefully, other sex toy lines will catch onto this stimulating idea.

The Buck Off

The Buck off was designed with trans men in mind. What many people might not be aware of, is that genitals change as a person goes through hormone therapy. An enlarged clitoris is completely normal during such periods, but finding a sex toy with this condition in mind has always been challenging. Until now.

Its design was meant to create the appearance of a small penis, which can come in handy when a person is experiencing body dysmorphia. And not only that, but the Buck Off masturbater also provides pleasantly satisfying stimulation.

The Ohnut

Unfortunately, painful sex is common among all groups of people. But trans women in the early days of their post-operation phase can find sex to be particularly uncomfortable.

The Outhnut helps kick this issue to the curb as its stackable silicone rings work to control penetration depth.

This sex life saving toy can even be placed onto a dilator for male to female gender affirmation surgery. But it doesn’t just help with controlling the depth of penetration during sex. It also provides intense pleasure for male partners.

Adjustable cock rings

Of course, cock rings have been around for a long time, quite possibly forever. But a transgender-friendly cock ring is something quite new.

Traditional cock rings usually don’t cater to transgender men, as they don’t fit snug enough around an enlarged clitoris. But with adjustable cock rings, customization is endless and slipping off or lack of pleasure is never an issue.

Lube shooter

Lube shooters are an essential toy to keep in on hand in the bedroom. When trans men need a little bit of extra help dealing with dryness. Hormonal changes and imbalances can cause dryness in anyone, so lube is something that everyone, not just trans men, should have on hand.

While some trans men don’t enjoy penetration, others do. And others quite possibly would enjoy it if they used the right amount of lubrication. But sometimes the issue happens to be that the lubrication doesn’t go far enough. The lube shooter solves these issues with one pump of the functional bottle and nozzle design.

As society becomes more inclusive, trans porn and sex toys become less taboo

Let’s hope that this is just the beginning of a sext toy revolution. Sexuality is an important part of our lives, and everyone’s sexual needs should be considered by toy designers. For all the non-transgender people reading this, when was the last time you saw a transgender-specific section at your local sex shop? Odds are, you have never seen one. Thankfully, as time goes by, the world is sure to see more inclusion.

Aside from more inclusive sex toys, one big win for the trans community is that trans porn is flourishing like never before. There are tons of great options for trans men and women to watch high-quality adult entertainment, or even create it themselves. With trans porn becoming more commonplace, everyone can find what they’re looking for in order to comfortably and safely express their sexuality and work through gender dysmorphia issues.

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