Allergy Season is Here and Stronger than Ever in 2021

Allergy Season is Here and Stronger than Ever in 2021

While the past year tethered you to your house, the pollen season is at an all-time high in the UK. As a result, you might need to extend your lockdown until next month if you have hay fever. Usually, pollen release increases steadily from March until July. In this period, you are likely to experience excessive coughing, sneezing, and throat irritation.

Moreover, cheer up since you are not alone in this struggle. Here are some hay fever facts:

  • An NHS research confirmed that hay fever affects up to 30% of adults and 40% of children in the UK.
  • This year that number increased to 49% of the population.
  • Close to a third of the population experienced hay fever symptoms in the past five years.
  • The number of people with hay fever shall increase by 20% in the next decade.

Fortunately, these days there are a number of different ways you can order your antihistamines or get virtual allergy management advice from professionals. Top Tip: When buying allergy tablets online always check the site is fully registered with accreditations displayed on the home page, this way you will ensure you will use the best online chemist available.

Why is Hay Fever Worse This Year?

Without a doubt, this is hay fever peak season, but the number of victims is unprecedented. This increase is due to the effects of global warming that have caused higher pollen production from trees and grass. As the earth heats up, higher temperatures will last longer, and so will your hay fever symptoms.

Global warming came about because human activities increased carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, plants overcompensate by releasing more pollen because of the high carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

As a result, you are highly likely to develop severe hay fever symptoms when in areas with excessive pollution and during warmer weather. Additionally, during warmer weather, the strong breeze spreads the pollen over large regions and affects more people.

In the UK, usually, the pollen season starts around March up to early August. Unfortunately, during this period this year, you might have had the worst symptoms. This plight is most likely because of the reduced tolerance to pollen because of prolonged isolation and mask use.

As a rule, the more exposure you get to allergens, the milder your hay fever symptoms. Therefore, since you have been in the house for close to eighteen months, your allergen tolerance plummeted. This fact also explains why fewer people have had the flu in the past year.

In Britain, 95% of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) victims are allergic to grass pollen. Coincidentally, grass pollen production is higher in late May and June. As a result, you probably dread the looming lift on lockdown. In addition, your sneezes and coughs could get mistaken for coronavirus symptoms. Nonetheless, don’t let your anxiety about hay fever stop you from living an active life and attaining your peak performance.

The rest of the summer will not be any different from the past months. After all, this will be grass pollen season. With that in mind, you need to take care of yourself throughout the coming months. Moreover, the effects of global warming are still with us, and it will take a while before we can reverse them.

Allergy Management

Of course, if you have developed hay fever, there is no vaccine against it. The only way to live with its symptoms is through prevention. Please, lock your windows early in the evening and don’t open them until midday. This cautious method helps limit contact with pollen if you live in the countryside or next to some vegetation.

Secondly, always have antihistamines with you at all times. Preferably, take your dose just before you go on your errands. The allergens are everywhere, especially if you are allergic to many allergens like smoke, mold, and dust.

Smoking and being near a smoker might trigger your allergies. Avoid smoking, or better yet, always inform a sober that you are not comfortable when they smoke around you.

Get medical advice from a medical practitioner. Sadly, close to 44% of UK citizens with hay fever symptoms have never discussed them with a medical doctor. But, of course, you understand that self-diagnosis could be fatal.

You should also not have house plants, and if you must, they should be pollen-less plants. Assuming your allergens are pollen, house plants would make your symptoms unmanageable and reduce your productivity ultimately.

Final Thoughts

In summary, people trivialize hay fever, yet it costs you the freedom to work outside and lounge at the park. Then, as if that is not enough, you end up resenting summer. Luckily, hay fever management is bearable.

Fortunately, the pandemic is also a blessing in disguise for your condition because you can wear masks without sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, wear sunglasses to prevent allergens from getting into your eyes as you enjoy summer.

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