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A Look at Alternative Fuel: Is It the Future of Energy?

There is no denying that the main fuel source we use currently to power our vehicles is not going to last forever. To keep our world moving, there is no choice but to start thinking about alternative energy options.

Despite a lot of work, such alternative options are not quite ready for the mainstream due to a few issues, but they are fixable issues.

Main Issues with Alternative Fuels

The first issue with alternative fuels is that many options are not usable with current vehicles. You cannot go to an alternative fueling station, such as LNG fueling stations California, and hook up your gasoline-powered vehicle. You would have to buy a vehicle that can run on the specific fuel you wish to use.

The second issue is that many of the alternative fuel sources are not readily available. While they come from renewable resources, some take a long time to make or they require a huge amount of resources to make. In addition, there are not fueling stations available everywhere that offer these alternative fuels.

The final main issue with alternative fuels is public perception is still weary of these fuels. People aren’t sure they can trust them. They don’t know if it is worth the initial investment to start using them. They need more proof that these fuels will provide them the reliability of gasoline.

Combating the Issues

The good news is that despite these three main issues, there are options that can overcome them.

Addressing the issue that some alternative fuels require a special type of vehicle, the most promising types of alternative fuel are E15 and E85, which are blends of gasoline and ethanol. You can use E15 in any vehicle made in 2001 or later, according to the RFA. E85 is usable in flex-fuel vehicles.

As for the second issue of availability, there is a huge industry dedicated to bringing alternative fuels to the public. Many regular gas stations, for example, already provide E15 or E85 and electric charging stations. The special pumps for alternative fuels are gradually making their way to the mainstream, which is exactly how this integration needs to happen.

When it comes to the problem with public perception, the only way to change that is to do your own research and to understand that, according to Consumer Reports, oil sources are depleting quickly. They are reaching their peak, which means moving forward gas prices will only go up. Alternative fuels can save money and ensure a fuel source that will never disappear.

The Future

With oil starting to diminish, there is no choice but to find an alternative fuel to take its place. The future is defiantly in alternative fuels because we have no other choice.

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