Who Really A Top CHRO is

An Overview Of Who Really A Top CHRO is?

Who is your CHRO?

We have definitely come across these senior executives, who are titled or talked about in regards to driving the operations of the day to day Human Resource activities. But to be honest the job of a Chief Human Resource Officer is much more than that. Recent trends and interviews with industry leaders have suggested that a greater role lies in undertaking this designation in at any progressive enterprise.

But first things first, a CHRO makes sure of the smooth running of people programs & its service delivery strategies. What this helps in, is enhancing an organizations decision-making capabilities to assure the path to a secured form of growth. To top it off, they also handle organizational design & change management.

Key Responsibilities of a Top CHRO

Experienced personnel are selected to supervise the functions of talent acquisition, training and development, career development so on and so forth. Quite naturally, it is understandable that because this field has anything & everything to do with directly impacting the career path of the employees of a company that it requires the trait of recognizing areas of growth. Hence, Chief Human Resource Officers have to formulate strategies that can, in one way or the other, lead to quality & depth in the talent which is working for the company.

To see to it that the human capital management needs of the organization are maintained they promote retention and recruiting mechanisms that have a proven success in the past. Something that we might be missing on but which a Chief Human Resource Officer is heavily involved in is the incorporation of compensation benefits to working on the cost effectiveness of their respective companies.

Analytics is another branch wherein the chro is bound to come in and play a significant part. It involves for a leader to assess the risks that are involved in undertaking a business action. Any gaps in the performance could be attended to with this type of calculation.


Those who envisage to make it to the all elusive position of a CHRO, are advised to procure a master’s degree in either Human Resources or Administration as far as the degrees are concerned. Timeline to reach the goal lies anywhere between 10 years of experience in a senior HR role. Particularly, people with a Director Level experience in HR even Head of HR is much preferred.

It needs to be noted, that we can go on listing the technical qualifications which are usually sought but the reality remains that someone who can influence the cadre of CxOs is very much suited to belong on this chair. Why do we say so, because there are bound to be plenty of occasions wherein a discussion could be at logger’s head & that would be the time to exercise the powers of persuasion over, to get the business going, compelling others to give up their egos and pursue excellence as one brand, the task that all are hired to do.

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