Most Popular Apps That Are Secretly Killing Your Smartphone Internet Plan

We know you are tired of trying every tip to save battery and every time you fail to do so. But we bet nobody has told you this before about a few applications that are secretly killing your data plan. You need to stop these applications from running up your monthly data pack. How? Let’s find out now.

how to save your smartphone data plan

Top apps that sip out the most data are the apps that you access the most. Like if you are using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter regularly, then you must change the settings to lower the usage of data.

Learn the steps to save your internet data while using these apps-

Facebook – Deactivate Autoplaying Videos

If you access the Facebook app in every five minutes, it consumes a lot of your data plan. Checking Facebook app every time while letting it autoplay videos is something to fix. Fortunately, there is an option to disable autoplaying video or limit its use to Wi-fi. Here are the steps-

  1. Access Facebook app -> Tab More -> Tab Settings
  2. Navigate to Account Settings -> Select Videos and Photos
  3. Autoplay -> Select On Wi-Fi connections only / Never Autoplay Videos

Facebook How To Stop autoplaying videos

Twitter – Stop Autoplaying Videos

If you give your time mostly to twitter app, you must address the autoplay video option.

  1. Open the app -> Tap on Me
  2. Tap the gear icon -> Settings
  3. Tap Data in General section
  4. Tap Video Autoplay -> Select Wi-Fi only / Never Play videos automatically

How to stop autoplaying videos in Twitter


Today, people are getting more business from Instagram. The app is more than just photos now. It includes videos that can autoplay. Instagram preloads videos that make them autoplay when you see them in your feed. You can stop this autoplaying of videos by following below steps-

  1. Open Instagram App -> Settings
  2. Tap on Cellular data use
  3. Turn on the toggle switch for Use Less Data

Though by doing this, autoplaying will not stop, but Instagram will not be able to preload video when you are using mobile data.

How to stop autoplaying videos in Instagram


The good thing about YouTube is that it doesn’t autoplay videos. The bad thing is that playing videos on Youtube can instantly run up your mobile data when you are not using Wi-Fi.

  1. Open the app and tap on Triple dot button at top right corner and press Settings
  2. Turn on the toggle of Play HD on Wi-Fi only
  3. Scroll down in Settings and turn on the toggle for Upload over Wi-Fi only

How to Change Wi-Fi-only settings in Youtube

By following these ways, you can save a lot of data on your smartphone. Regardless of iOS or android, these applications run on every platform. So, it is better to follow these steps discussed by professional android app developers to stop unnecessary data usage as well as battery drainage.

These will not only help you to save your data plan on iPhone and Android, but it will also help to improve the battery life of your smartphone. Always track your mobile data usage on regular basis so you won’t run out of your data plan, when you actually need it.

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