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Backyard Pools Are Offering Higher Value Than Ever Before!

Did you know that as of 2019, there are about 10.4 million residential properties with some form of swimming pool? That’s a lot of families who can go outside and cool off when the summer heat really kicks in!

A swimming pool is a feature that many families dream of having but are hesitant to install because they’ve been told that it’s harder to sell a home with a pool – especially if you’re hoping for a quick home sale during the cooler months. However, due to the 2020 pandemic, the demand for pools has risen by 200%.

People aren’t just looking for the run of the mill swimming pool though. They’re looking for the backyard that’s the envy of the neighborhood. They want a pool area that has it all – a mini oasis if you will. And you know what? The ROI of a backyard pool combined with the following upgrades will add a lot to the value of your home.

Increase property value with these pool upgrades

If you were to use a home value estimator, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much value it’ll tack on to your home (not to mention the amount of fun your family will have between now and when you decide to sell). Let’s take a look at the upgrades that’ll add even more value and appeal to more buyers.

Outdoor dining, drinking and snacking stations

There’s nothing like relaxing by the pool and enjoying the fresh air and the sun’s rays. However when you’re thirsty or need a snack, do you really want to go inside to satisfy your cravings – especially if you’re sopping wet because you’ve swimming. Probably not. That’s why buyers are keen on properties that have an outdoor kitchen (or just a built-in grill), a wet bar, or a snack station.

Pools with safety fences

Safety is a big concern for home insurance companies and homeowners alike. No one wants to have any accidents that could end in disaster! You can avoid this by installing a security fence around the perimeter of the pool. It should have a secure latch, strong posts, and be at least 4-feet tall.

Added hot tub

A swimming pool with the previous upgrades is fine and well, but you can boost the appeal of the pool area by adding a hot tub nearby. Hot tubs are a huge perk because homeowners can relax after a hard day, keep the romance going in the relationship, or ease their aches and pains. You can’t go wrong with a hot tub!

Luxury landscaping and hardscaping

Buyers are drawn to properties that look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. A pool, hot tub, and outdoor dining/snacking options are fine and well, but it’ll all be for nothing if your backyard looks like a barren wasteland. You can improve the yard simply by laying grass seed and trimming the hedges, but you can do more.

When you hire a professional landscaper to improve your yard, they can perform miracles on lawns that have seen better days. They can plant vibrant flower beds and plant trees that’ll thrive. They can even do hardscaping and revamp your patio using brick, stone, or even stamped concrete. In short, landscaping and hardscaping can add that luxurious touch that your family and potential buyers will go ga-ga over.

Pools and their upgrades do add value to your property

Whether you’re thinking about putting your house on the market or you just want to make your home a little more enjoyable… A pool and various upgrades will do the trick. If you’re hesitant about committing to installing a pool, you should consult with a local real estate agent to find out what features and amenities buyers are looking for and go from there.

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