The Basics to Get Your App Featured on the App Store

The Basics to Get Your App Featured on the App Store

If you talk to developers about mobile app development and about App Store, you are likely to receive mixed emotions and responses. There will be some that have who had the chance to showcase their talent and achieved great results, while just as many who had to jump through hoops and derived no results.

The truth is there is no tip to getting your app featured on the App Store. There are no secrets or short comings, but there’s one thing worth understanding – Apple does not feature apps to help the developers around the world. The 2K apps you see on the App Store are only there because they benefit Apple and its customers.

You will do just fine and this is all you need to remember. If your business or enterprise needs to develop an app to help your products stand out then get the development team on work. In case you are having a fixed budget for other projects of your new business than it’s always a better choice to hire an outside service provider. That said, as there is no secret to building a super hit app-but there are things that are often overlooked.

So, here’s the list of few things we shortlisted that can increase chances of getting your app featured the way it should be:

1. Create a Great App

Every other developer will give you the advice of creating a great app-it’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, it is the most important aspect for getting your app featured. You need to be passionate about developing a great app and you’re product should be your inspiration; the chances of being featured will become great.

Sooner or later Apple will notice your app. For Apple, your app has to show how iOS or Mac platform is useful. Stay consistent with your effort, that’s really important.

2. Keep Your Urge for the Latest and Greatest Alive

Along with developing an app to get featured, you also need Apples attention. You should go to WWDC and find out about the latest releases of OS. You will get an invaluable insight for features you should use for your app. One major strategy that Apple loves and can lead your company to success is keeping a place for iCloud in your application.

3. Make Your App Available Universally

Make your app available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac as well. By making your app Universal you are creating a greater chance for yourself to get featured. Apple should definitely choose the app that’s available on iOS, iCloud, and Mac.

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4. Your Major Investment has to be in Good UI and UX

The App Store has an insane competition of apps going on with endless resources and huge companies. No matter you step into app development now or later, you will need to step up your game. It is a fairly an intense place for a single person development shop to reach the App Store. You need to have the perfectly talented UI/UX designers to reach somewhere.

5. Proper Marketing

Marketing for your new app is not an easy thing but it is another most important step to have your app featured. This is mostly taken as the last step after release but it shouldn’t be, ideally you work on creating the hype before the launch of your app.

Also make sure you have an email sign up form and the routine social media buttons for peoples following. Also keep the app teaser to just two weeks or so, a longer time period will frustrate people.

6. Update Frequently with Additive Seasonal Updates

While luck is also a part of the selection process for the app to get featured, nonetheless frequently updating the app with new features also help. This is important because; it increases the ratings and there is no question that Apple takes user ratings into account for choosing the features, updating the app can earn you a feature as Apple has a “Best New Updates” section where they feature the game that has upped the app with latest updates.

Holiday seasons are the best for people to get new devices and download apps. Add seasonal updates to your apps, this always excite users.


Remember that trying to reach Apple that receives almost 1,000 submissions a day. To ensure that Apple gets in touch with you, visit WWDC more often and chat with a developer after his session in the lab should help. Apple will also take notice of a developer who shows up on Radar Bug Report. With more than 1,000,000 apps the chances of getting your app featured are slim, but you can still have a successful app without getting it featured.

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