Bean Bag Chair Trends
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Bean Bag Chair Trends

If you haven’t shopped for furniture in a while, you may be surprised to discover that the bean bag is back in fashion. That’s right. The bean bag chairs of the 1970s and 1980s have undergone a resurgence and are now more popular than ever, so much so that they have their own trends. Right now, the best bean bag chairs are those that are versatile in their uses, but that’s just one bean bag chair trend. Here are three others.

Luxury Materials 

No longer are bean bag chairs just a vinyl shell filled with styrofoam balls. These days, high-end bean bag chairs are more sophisticated. They consist of an inner zippered bag filled with polystyrene microbeads that are far superior to early bean bag filling. These microbeads are highly resilient, which means that even after being squished and squashed, they quickly return to their original shape when the pressure is removed. This makes the bean bag chair look new at all times instead of flat as a pancake after only a few uses.

This inner microbead-filled bag is then covered with a fabric shell. This cover can be made from a variety of materials, but one of the most luxurious materials is a cotton-spandex blend that is durable, stretchy, and washable. The softness of the cotton combined with the flexibility of the spandex allows the cover to move with the microbeads to create a body-conforming bean bag chair that gently cradles your body.

Special Spaces 

Another bean bag chair trend to pay attention to is the fad of using them to create a special space. Perhaps you want a reading nook or a gaming area. Bean bag chairs are ideal for both spaces. You can comfortably read in any position you desire when seated or lying on a bean bag chair. Gamers can spend hours in virtual battle without ever getting a pressure point by sitting in a gaming bean bag chair for their marathon gaming sessions.

Other special spaces in which bean bag chairs make sense include a craft area, a television room, a study space, and even a napping place. When choosing a bean bag chair for these or other special spaces, it’s a good idea to select a large bean bag chair so that it can transform into the piece of furniture you want in the space. Alternatively, you can pick a bean bag chair that is specifically designed for that use, like a gaming bean bag chair for a video game room.

Muted Colors

Currently, muted colors like light gray, dark gray, tan, black, dark blue, light blue, cream, and brown are in style, whereas bolder colors like pink, purple, red, yellow, and bright green are not as popular. This trend is in keeping with the modern sleek style that is in favor for interior decorating. Of course, the color you choose for your bean bag chair is a matter of personal preference, so if you want a bold color, there are certainly plenty available.


You may be ready to go shopping for a bean bag chair now that you’ve learned they’re back in style. Just be sure to consider the current bean bag chair trends so that you’re happy with the one you choose. In fact, take some time to research high-end bean bag chair brands before you head out to make sure you’re buying only the best bean bag chair available.

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