Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Lighting

Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Lighting

Thoughtful lighting is eminent when it comes to illuminating commercial spaces as it entails covering a huge area. One of the most intelligent solar lighting mechanisms to be used in such spaces is solar lights. These are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

Such green technology requires no external electrical infrastructure for its operation and is easily installable.

Such green technology saves on labour cost, energy consumption, and also doesn’t involve any wiring hassles, thereby reducing the overall cost. If you are new to the concept of Commercial Solar Lighting, then you’ll be amazed to know that it reduces carbon emissions, wastage of energy, and cost is for outdoor public space lighting.

Think of the benefits of an all-in-one luminary system integrated into a solar panel that’s economical, reliable, bright and compact. Who wouldn’t want to invest in it?

Advantages of solar lighting

If you’ve noticed, the entire world is now moving towards renewable and sustainable lighting mechanisms. Solar installations have increased over the years and why not, when they offer more than you ask for. It’s a cheaper alternative to conservative illuminating systems, especially in the long run.

Let’s take an example of the exterior lights that are grid-tied. The needed amount of wiring and trenching could be quite disruptive. From the existing sideways, parking lots, parks to landscapes, and more, the installation might require uprooting existing greenery. In such cases, renewable energy gleams. Lesser installation costs, no electricity overheads, no wiring! Isn’t it just right for commercial settings?

A cheap solution to high-cost involved in installing electrical connections solar lights is a viable solution for places without any grid infrastructure. These environment-friendly luminaries aren’t subject to power cuts and blackouts.

Regardless of the weather, you won’t have to fear walking in the dark. Whether it is rainy, stormy or snowy, you can fearlessly move on roads. Be at parks, open mall areas, or any outdoor space, such luminary systems sparkle even when there’s no sunshine.

Reasons to opt for solar lighting for commercial spaces


If you are looking for fixtures that are off the grid, solar lights can generate light irrespective of the grid power. These makes a powerful investment. When installed in parking areas or other spots that need heightened security, these can keep the place illuminated even when the state power grid is down.

There are systems designed with battery backup that provides extensive power storage even on the gloomier days. It also frees you from any power-grid dependence.

Here’s some information on whether sun-streamed energy can work on rainy days or not at

Zero electricity bills 

Just think of the huge amount of energy and money that is drained out day-on-day. With these sun-derived powerful lights, there won’t be any consumption of electricity. Also, you won’t need any electric back up if there’s a brownout. No consumption would equal no billing. You will save money and energy all in one stroke.

No wiring, uprooting or digging                        

Installing traditional lights on the street involves trenching and underground wiring. Just think about what it does to the green landscapes in your city. So much felling and quarrying are done to install conventional lights. Solar lighting can be mounted on poles. Its installation doesn’t require any ground trenching to run expensive wiring.

No wiring also means no risk of tripping, wearing, or tearing thus saving human labour on repairs. The fixtures can be levelled as required.

Conserving the planet 

Commercial Solar Lighting, Advantages of Solar Lighting

The sun produces ample energy to meet your daily needs. Preserving this natural resource is our responsibility towards our planet. It is crucial to tap into this energy source as that’s the only way we can protect the available resources from depletion and prepare for a sustainable future. Substituting electricity-run lights with systems that curtail harmful emissions is the millennial way to eco-friendly living.

These sun-powered systems automatically charge the battery panels during the day so that it can be reserved for illuminating the specified fields after dusk. This is an automated process and doesn’t even require any human intervention.

Another big advantage of installing these sun-powered lighting systems is that some states and local authorities provide a tax benefit to all commercial and residential users.

How to light it up in an eco-friendly way?

With a plethora of manufacturers pitching in, you can access a range of light designs and systems to illuminate commercial areas in an environmentally efficient way. Here are a few examples of spaces where these can be fitted.


On through the night and early mornings, all the wattage smoked up can be conserved! Energy derived from the fireball can illuminate the roads and highways without any need for power-grid connectivity. Get them mounted and watch the sunshine do its job.

Parking lots 

LED lights powered by renewable energy are just ideal for commercial parking lots. Cost-effective, no fear of destruction, low carbon footprint, and sustainable, it can illuminate any paved parking stretches. It can optimize the energy efficiency of your commercial plots and business as many pedestrians would also benefit from this. Check out this page on how to choose solar panels for your home.

Pathway lighting 

Pathways catch a lot of attention. It is not just the intensity of lighting but also the aesthetic factor that plays a dominant role. From enjoying an evening walk at the neighbourhood park to strolling back home from a late-night party, solar lights will never disappoint you. Those equipped with high-efficiency panels designed with appealing fixtures can enhance the beauty of any pathway they are fitted to.

You can always do a market survey to get the best deal as the upfront cost of installation could look more than installing conventional lighting fixtures. There are portable systems designed for temporary needs as well. From small areas to expanses, these can be used anywhere round the year.

National parks, warehouses, government offices, industrial buildings, parking structures, and more, investing in solar lighting projects are worth it. You can expect from top providers to give you the layout specifics suited to your application and necessary configurations suited to local solar conditions.

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