Benefits of Using Black Angus Bull Sperm

The Benefits of Using Black Angus Bull Sperm to Sire a Herd

The United States records more than 70 breeds of recognized cattle. Surprisingly, only a small number (less than 20) of the breeds have the genetics utilized in the beef production market. To only have the best breed of cattle for commercial beef production, cattle producers must use the best breeds among the 70 recognized species for their commercial beef production.

However, beef breeders seem to choose the Black Angus Bull semen to sire their herd. Their main reason is that the Black Angus sperm guarantees a future healthy herd with quality beef, excellent calving ability, and healthy maternal cows.

This post discusses the Black Angus Bull sperm and why the breed is the best for commercial beef production.

Why Should I Choose the Black Angus Sperm to Sire a Herd?

So if breeders can choose from a variety of bull breeds, why do most of them choose the Black Angus Bull Sperm? For most breeders, the dilemma of choosing the best breed for a herd is real. If not the Black Angus Bull, then which one is the best?

The coat color of beef cattle is a significant concern for many people, even though it does not affect maintenance. If you are breeding for commercial beef, you should consider this, but a breeder should not only consider a breed because of their coat color. Productivity and profitability should be essential points of focus for beef breeders. Therefore, you should always choose a breed that you can comfortably maintain and confidently market.

Fortunately, the Black Angus breed provides quality meat and demonstrates high productivity and profitability in the beef production industry. Artificially inseminating your cows with the Black Angus Bull semen will also offer you an entire herd of cattle with a black coat which is primarily preferred in commercial beef production.

Benefits of Using the Black Angus Bull Semen 

Beef breeders and producers have strived to ensure top genetics in their herds, and for years, they relied on herd bulls. These days however beef breeders have found a new method – artificial insemination (A.I.). A.I. allows them to use different types of bull breeds and thus fine-tune the genetics in their herds.

The Black Angus Bull has the highest percentage of sales in the semen sales industry. The main reason for this is because the Black Angus beef is a title to reckon with in the beef industry. Apart from high sales, what are the other advantages of the Black Angus Bull semen?

Excellent Calving abilities

The Angus breed is considered to have the best cows in terms of their maternal capabilities. They also mature fast and have a shorter gestation period compared to other cow breeds.

According to statistics, Black Angus cattle have better fertility rates, generate superior offspring with fewer birthing problems, and are distinguished by calving ease in their progeny – a highly sought-after trait of the Black Angus breed.

Carcass Quality

The Black Angus beef is tender, juicy, and flavorful, which is one significant advantage of using the bull’s sperm for the herd. The American Angus Association, an organization formed to raise awareness of Angus beef, is responsible for most of the Angus beef produced in the United States. They established the Certified Angus Beef trademark in 1978, and they are partly responsible for Angus beef’s current reputation.

Certified Angus Beef aims to enhance the cattle from which their beef is produced through thorough grading, which includes genetic testing, ultrasound technology, and traditional breeding records. The USDA then evaluates the Certified Angus Beef, which must be in the top grades, Prime and Choice. If you want to purchase Angus beef, look for the label “Certified Angus Beef.”

Most beef eaters seem to prefer this kind of beef over the regular meat in the market. This preference is why you will find most beef cattle producers also choose the Black Angus breed for their commercial beef production.

Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

The Angus breed with a dark coat effectively absorbs sunlight and thus avoids cancer eyes, which is prevalent in other breeds. In addition, thanks to their dark coats, they can avert snow-burned or sunburned coats, unlike the light-skinned breeds.

The breed can also withstand both freezing and hot weather conditions. This also makes them low maintenance, enjoyable to raise, and highly profitable.

Low maintenance Herd

Contrary to other breeds that require more attention and care, Black Angus demand very little maintenance and care. This enables cattle keepers to spend less from the time the calves are born to when they are ready for sale. This is a dream come true for anyone tired of the expensive breeds that end up in losses.

Benefits of Using Artificial Insemination to Sire a Herd

Artificial insemination is a popular breeding method used by breeders to sire a herd. The technique involves collecting semen from a specified bull and then depositing or inseminating it in a cow. Artificial insemination gives way for introducing superior genetics in a herd.

Most breeders prefer artificial insemination for many reasons. First, semen can be collected, stored, and shipped from anywhere in the world. This shipping ability means that great sires can be introduced to any cow over a very long distance, subsequently introducing superior genetics from anywhere in the world.

Naturally, a bull can breed 50-60 cows each breeding season. On the other hand, A.I. can add up to the number of cows exposed to different bull breeds. In addition, breeding a herd by using a herd bull only allows a similar type of genetics for the whole herd. A.I., however, introduces different genetics in the herd. Also, maintaining a herd bull is challenging because you have to change the herd bull after every two years to avoid inbreeding.

Artificial insemination gets rid of this challenge because breeders don’t even have to keep or maintain a herd bull in their herd. All they need to do is find semen from a licensed ranch such as Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, with a proven record of keeping healthy bulls, and use it on their cows.

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