Benefits of using Natural Pesticides
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Benefits of using Natural Pesticides

Both natural or Synthetic Pesticides have their own pros and cons. However, which of them is safer to be used within the confines of your home, so that it doesn’t lay any harmful impact on the people or pets staying in or around the house, still raises a big question? This blog might provide an answer to this question.

What Are Pesticides?

The word ‘cide’ means killer in Latin, thus, giving birth to the word pesticide which means ‘pest killer’. Anything that is able to kill pests can be classified as a pesticide. There are two main branches of pesticides. Natural pesticides and synthetic pesticides.

Synthetic pesticides have been used for centuries. When pesticides such as DDT were introduced, it lowered the population of pests especially bedbugs around the world. Synthetic pesticides do their job well, however, they come with a number of side effects.

Natural pesticides are derived from plants and trees. In previous years, natural pesticides have not been very effective in their deed, therefore, many people are under the assumption that natural pesticides are unreliable. However, over the past decade, along with technological improvements, natural pesticides have also increased in their reliability. There are little to no side-effects while using natural pesticides, thus, making them a safe option to be used at homes.

The Dangers Of Using Synthetic Pesticides

Synthetic Pesticides are man-made pesticides composed of chemicals. This form of pest control has been proven to be the most effective over the past years. However, they come with many disadvantages. They degrade the quality of the soil which then hinders the rate of maturity of your plants. Earthworms and other essential bugs and parasites also die when they come in contact with the contaminated soil. Likewise, if a water body gets contaminated due to synthetic pesticides, it will affect all marine life within. Synthetic pesticides are also not recommended to be used around kids and pets. If your kid or pet ingests or inhales these pesticides, it could cause them serious harm and in extreme cases, could even kill them.

Benefits of Natural Pesticides

The use of natural pesticides has been neglected for many years. This is because, in the past, many companies misused the label natural and pushed out pesticides that would not have any effects. However, over the past decade, many scientific advances have been made in the realm of natural pesticides. Natural pesticides, today, are a lot more powerful than those of the past.

Natural pesticides only target pests and do not affect anything else. Due to its non-toxic nature, natural pesticides can also be used directly on plants. Natural pesticides do not produce any harmful fumes, therefore, it is safe to be used indoors unlike toxic synthetic pesticides. Since natural pesticides are non-toxic, you do not have to think twice about using them in a household with children and pets as this natural pest control will not harm them even if they come in direct contact with it.

With all that being said, do not blindly buy any pesticide that has been labeled to be natural. Not all-natural  products are safe, therefore, you will need to make sure that the natural pesticide particularly mentions that it is safe to be used. The Magma Home Pest Spray by MDX Concepts is 100% natural and is certified to be safe for indoor use. This non-toxic spray does not generate any fumes and can be sprayed anywhere. Most people are afraid to use natural sprays indoors due to the solution leaving stains, however, this natural spray is stainless.

Pests are a problem that escalates quickly. A pest infestation can go from bad to worse within the same day. If you ever feel like you are not in control of the situation be sure to call your local pest control. They will have access to pesticides that are not available to the public and as they are professions in this field, they will get rid of any infestations.

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