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Best Apps Which Will Help You To Improve Your Health

Every year starts with a resolution that you will hit the gym daily throughout the year but sadly, it happens for few days and then laziness puts us back to sleep. So, today we will be helping you out with the best apps which will help you to stay fit and reminds your goals every day. Above all, they will just remind you and it’s completely our act whether to perform it or not.

There are many applications available in play store or app store. and I am not going to list the same list of fitness apps which everyone lists because most of the fitness applications are not free and will provide you a trainer online who will guide you while performing the workouts. This is one of the best ways to stay fit if there is no good gym near you but fails if your network connection is poor. I suggest you not to use these apps if you are really looking to shape your body as the trainers are not able to visualize your body perfectly through the camera.

Best Apps To Keep You Healthy And Fit

Below is the list of best applications which will help you in your daily life to stay fit. Hope these will help you in maintaining the good health.



You love walking a lot then this app helps you to track the number of steps you have taken and how many miles you have walked. I have been using this app from my day one and it’s been a wonderful journey for me and I have completed 50 lakh steps in 2 years which is awesome considering my 75 kgs body. I have used few other apps and pedometer works best compared to all other ones. Moreover, We can set daily goals and monthly goals as well. There are many pedometer apps available in play store or app store and I am currently using pedometer+ on my iPhone and it’s working absolutely fine and tracking every step of mine.


Love wider chest? Then, push-ups are the only option to consider to get wider chest at home. You might be thinking why to use an app when we can count numbers manually but, let me explain you in detail why we need an app to count our push-ups. It is known that most of the chest shape outs will happen due to incorrect pushups on an unparallel surface. If you are using an app, it will consider one push up is done only when you bring your chest to the proximity sensor which means it is helping you to make the perfect push up. I have been using runtastic pushups app and it’ the best pushup counter available in both play store and app store.

Also, it provides you the history counts and daily push-ups counts which help you to check your performance improvement.


Running burns most of the calories and shapes your body perfectly. If you are a runner then you must need an app to track the time spent and KMS ran to calculate the number of calories burnt. You don’t need to set a timer and run for the specific time. Just open the app and track your running activity of every second with your speed and calories burnt. You can also set the daily goal with calories and plan your run accordingly. I suggest the runtastic run app to track your daily running activities.

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Yoga is the ancient workout to keep your body and mind fit. It is designed to keep every part of your body fit and it’s completely special compared to other sweating workouts because it helps you to train your brain and brings out more efficiency in your brain. Yoga needs to be performed in a calm and pleasant location and every time it’s not possible as no one stays quiet. So, we are helping you out with an application which helps you in maintaining great surroundings with peace. Just open the app and plug in your earphones and perform all kinds of yoga.

I assure you that your yoga will be calm and peaceful.

These are all the best apps which will help you to improve your health by just notifying and maintaining your records. Do let us know your personal best health productivity apps through the comments section below and we would like to try them too.

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