Summer Loving – The Best Beaches In Australia That You Must Visit

Australias best beaches

All over the world people associate Australia with its beautiful beaches, and to tell you the truth we can’t blame them: taking into consideration the fact they are one of longest stretches covered in sand in the whole world as well being some of the highest quality ones, one gets the picture.

Australians tend to take good care of their beaches – they keep the clean all the time, they offer a lot of entertainment activities and such. But from so many beaches to choose from, you can easily get confused and have a hard time.

That is why we have compiled this short list of the 3 best beaches in Australia. You can check it out below:

1. Whitehaven Beach

We presume that if you have at least a bit of knowledge and information regarding the best beaches in Australia you know that Whitehaven was somewhere a top of the list, right ?


Well, yeah, if you’ve read about it, seen photos of it and so on you probably got the idea that it was coming but if you’ve been there we can think of no reason for which you would argue that is definitely the best beach Australia has to offer.

The sand of this magnificent beach is without any doubt the highlight, even though the water and reef surroundings are also nothing to sneeze at.

2. Cable Beach

While some might argue that it takes this second position (we have absolutely no regarding why one should) this is definitely one of the most dreamy places you can ever go to.

This is one of those beaches that you can stroll on while the sun sets or rises and just enjoy the company of nature or maybe the person you love.


Placing it at the number two position is by no means a dishonor towards it as it often used in the same sentence with word such as “unforgettable”, “once in a lifetime experience”, “Postcard perfect” and so on, you get the general idea.

In our humble opinion no words in the English language can perfectly describe the beauty of this little piece of heaven on Earth

3. Burleigh Heads Beach

Taking into consideration Australia’s generally a beach destination for tourists it’s no wonder that the battle for the top spot will be a bit messy and hard to determine who the winner is.

However though we have to mention that the big crowds of people and the bit irritating at times touristy atmosphere can be kind of charm killer some of the times.

Burleigh Heads Beach Australia

Fortunately though we have one major exception to this to offer you and it’s the Burleigh Heads Beach, which offers a swift combination of stunning outlook along with amazing surf conditions and various winding walking tracks accompanied by astounding stretches of headland. It is definitely a sight to see !

We hope that this list was helpful to you and whatever you do just don’t forget to bring your sun-skin lotion !

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