Benefits of Learning Piano

4 Best Benefits of Learning Piano

Over one billion people across the globe can play the piano. This makes it the most popular instrument in the world.

Whether you’re looking into learning piano yourself or want to book piano lessons for your kid, there are a lot of surprising benefits. For children, piano classes can be a fun and creative way to strengthen all kinds of skills. And for adults, finally mastering the piano is a gratifying experience that also offers a huge boost to your physical and mental health.

But what are some of the best benefits of the piano? Let’s take a look!

1. Better Coordination, Dexterity, and Posture

For children, learning to play the piano can support their coordination skills, flexibility, and muscle strength. These physical piano benefits are great for helping them gain control over their growing and changing bodies as they develop more precise and accurate movements.

Adults can also enjoy many of the same improvements in motor skills, including greater coordination and dexterity. The piano, in particular, also demands good posture while playing. This makes every piano lesson a great reminder of how to carry yourself for fewer aches and pains.

2. More Confidence 

Sure, there’s a lot more to playing piano than mastering Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. But while complete beginners learning the guitar or the sax can struggle for weeks over a note, even newbies can usually play a simple tune before the end of their first piano lesson.

This makes piano lessons great for boosting your confidence. You’ll also get a lift from the sense of accomplishment that learning a new skill gives you. Plus, the beautiful music that you’ll learn to make is sure to make you feel good about yourself!

3. Brain Training

It only takes a few weeks of piano lessons to increase a child’s IQ. This effect is due to the way that playing music encourages brain activity and can even cause the brain to grow in size.

Brain scans also show that learning piano forges new neural pathways no matter what your age. This can help improve memory, attention, and other cognitive abilities. For adults interested in music, taking piano lessons is a great way to counteract the brain shrinkage that starts around age 30.

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4. Improved Social Skills

For adults and kids alike, piano lessons are great for improving your interpersonal skills and expanding your social circle.

This is especially true if you take group piano classes. But even if you go for private lessons, as well as the relationship you’ll develop with your teacher, the universal language of music will soon have you connecting to students learning other instruments, local musicians, choirs, and orchestras.

The Benefits of Learning Piano

As this quick rundown shows, there are all kinds of reasons to learn piano. From boosting your brain power to your confidence, these piano benefits are enough to get you booking your first lesson right now.

But of course, one of the biggest benefits of learning piano is the sense of joy you’ll get from making music and spreading happiness whenever you play!

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