Best Internet Providers for Gaming

Best Internet Providers for Gaming

Internet is in everything we do, every gadget we use, every type of communication whether local or long distance, every entertainment medium, every automation technique, every corporate activity, every economic activity, and in almost every other thing that uses technological means. This is because not only the internet is a marvelous technology in itself but it has been a key factor in the development and implementation of many other new technologies that came after it. This is due to its super adaptable nature which makes the internet a crucial part of every other gadget or technology.

Following what the principle of the internet of things states. According to which we live in a time where the internet has manifested itself into tangible and physical form. This physical form is present through these internet-powered devices that would be deemed useless if the internet functionality is removed from them.

Some common IoT devices include smartphones, smartwatches, smart home assistants, smart TVs, and basically any other technological gadget which has internet capability or the word “Smart” in it. However, for the past few years, there has been quite a peculiar addition to IoT devices. That addition is of gaming consoles, avid gamers might have noticed that gaming consoles are coming with internet functionality for more than a decade, and not only the internet but they have their own operating systems now, acting as a standalone entertainment system apart from just gaming. That is because gaming is an industry that is heavily influenced by the internet.

Back in the day, multiplayer capabilities were limited to equipment restrictions like the number of controllers that allowed a certain number of players to play together. Now with the internet, the face of multiplayer gaming has changed forever.

Today people situated in different corners of the world can play together or against each other in a wide collection of online games. The whole gaming world is shifting from single-player offline games to online games as they are more opt from a revenue point of a view. There is a whole business model based on online gaming which makes a player stick to a game and keeps on dumping money in it for various rewards. So in a way, a customer’s CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) is increased through online games in comparison to the regular single-player game for which a user has to pay only once. There are subscription charges charged only monthly basis by gaming console online service for allowing players to use their online infrastructure to play online. Moreover, there is a completely new category in sports by the name of E-sports that solely focuses on online video gaming.

Internet for Gaming

Internet works differently in terms of gaming wherein other services like streaming, slow internet users may suffer from buffering however in gaming, a delay of even milliseconds can prove fatal as in this time the opponent can play their move turning the tide of the game.

Since now proper gaming tournaments and E-sports are becoming a full-fledged career where there is quite a huge amount of money and someone’s bread and butter at stake. Thus technical errors like slow internet can be quite a problem for both professional and occasional gamers. This is why it is recommended to go for a provider like Cox Communications because Cox internet plans have special options for gamers that provide them with reliability and little to no lag for a breezy gaming experience.

In terms of gaming, not only speed but reliability also matters a lot because each move of the player goes to register on game servers through the internet. So any problem regarding the internet services would make an online game practically unplayable. That is why the choice of selecting an internet provider becomes quite crucial, especially in terms of gaming. Since not every provider offers the same kind of services regarding, price, speed, reliability, and availability. That is exactly the reason we have written this article to help gamers choose the best service providers.

Best Internet Companies for Gamers

We have compiled a list of some of the most reliable and fastest internet providers that are optimal for an online gaming experience.


The second biggest internet provider in the country is probably one of the best choices in terms of online gaming. That’s because Spectrum has a special place in terms of providing reliable internet services to a huge consumer base. Their internet Gig plan is the recommended option to go for in order to properly enjoy the online gaming experience with blazing fast speeds and little to no lag. The best about their internet plans is that they come with unlimited data and absolutely no contracts. So not only a user can use this internet connection as much as they please, but they can also switch anytime without any term commitment.


Cox Communications is the third-largest cable provider in the country and they have brought up exceptional internet plans specifically for gamers. Not only does Cox offers a speed of up to 940Mbps which is quite good for gaming, but also they offer a special type of connection called Elite gamer base connection which is specifically designed for online gaming, as it reduced lag and ping to a point where it feels like you are playing in real-time. However, the only thing to note here is that for the internet services there might be a contract and the data limit is not unlimited. But, users can get both these things by paying a bit extra so if you can spend a bit of money there is no better option than Cox for online gaming.

Verizon Fios

The reason this is last on the list is due to availability issues. Verizon Fios is an exceptional service provider that offers incredible internet speed of up to 1 Gig through a fiber connection. The biggest advantage it has over its competitors is that it is the only fiber option on this list. The fiber optic technology provides symmetrical download and upload speeds, and upload speed is also quite important in online gaming which is quite low on other providers. However, being the best option this provider is at last spot because it is available in only a few states and that too in selected areas. The limited availability is the only thing holding back users else there is no better thing than a fiber internet connection with unlimited data and no contracts, a combination exclusive only to Verizon Fios.


The online gaming industry has skyrocketed in the past few years ever since the invention of mobile gaming. And to fully enjoy the potential of online games users must need a strong and stable internet connection, something which is difficult to find today. That is why we have developed this list with credible internet providers offering amazing speed and reliability best suited for gamers.

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