Photography in Houston

Best Location for Photography in Houston You must Visit

Photography in HoustonDo you really feel that your trip will be complete without some stunning photographs to cherish all those memories that you have spent at some place? I am sure the answer is no. Photographs are essential so that you can forever go for time travel again and again to the places you have visited long back. If you believe in this, I am sure that you are bringing your beloved DSLR with you on your next Houston trip.

Are you a passionate photographer? Or you are just keen to store the memories and make them eternal? No matter what you are, as long as you are brushing the lenses and packing your bags, your friends, and loved ones will get to see some amazing moments and places from your trip. But for that, you need to know about the top places in Houston where you can click some stunning photos.

I am sure you are already intrigued. Take a look at the list of those places.

1. Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou in Houston for Photoshoot

Houston is one of the most updated cities of the USA. However, it hasn’t lost the charm of nature too. Are you thinking to capture the juxtaposition of urban and natural setting? Buffalo Bayou is the right place to shoot. Transformation of the setting of Houston, from green to gray, you will be able to capture it perfectly.

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On one hand, you have the glimpse of industrial areas around Downtown and on the other, the green lush nature around Bayou. Nothing can be a better treat for a photographer. The best time is during sunset.

2. The Heights

The Heights in Houston

I am sure various movies and TV shows have tempted you more than once to walk along the shaded road of Ireland. But as you are in Houston and probably you have no plan to visit Ireland in near future, you can walk along some similar roads. If you want to see the old Houston, come to the Heights, near the center of Houston.

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The houses and buildings around the area haven’t changed since last fifty years. The Heights boasts on the abundance of Oak trees on the streets that creates a natural green tunnel like way, quite alike Ireland. Keep your camera ready around your neck and go for a walk on these roads.

3. William Water Fall

William Water Fall in Houston for photography

I am sure in your life you have visited some waterfall even for once, if not more. But can you imagine a place where water comes down not from the top of the mountains but from the solid concrete structures? Well, come to William Tower Waterfall.

Water cascading down from the top of 50ft tall concrete structures can be a sight to behold. Go with your camera and a lens cover so that you can save the lens from damage from the spray and moisture of the waterfall. Book Houston shuttle service to reach the place early morning or in the evening.

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4. Discovery Green

If you are thinking of giving a colorful touch to your Houston album, visit Discovery Green. The amazing park is not just the place for your kids. You will also have some great time to remember and some stunning shots to click. Take Houston bus service to reach the park in no time.

Discovery Green to take pictures in Houston

Click some excellent photos and make your memories of Houston eternal. You never know, years later, probably these photos will make you visit Houston again.



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