Best Pairings For Oak Cabinets
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Best Pairings For Oak Cabinets

Oak cabinets have been popular for several years in different parts of the world. Oakwood is a durable material and allows homeowners to get creative. Professional cabinet makers are specialized in creating cabinets that specifically meet your requirements. In addition, oak cabinets have a clean finishing compared to other materials.

Furthermore, oak cabinets give the kitchen a simple yet classic look. Homeowners consult with architects and designers to pick a color for their oak cabinets. Moreover, there are several color combinations for cabinets and countertops to create the desired look. For example, quartz countertops with oak cabinets can look good in colors like Lagoon, Helix, etc. To know more about the best countertop colors to go with oak cabinets, read here:

This article mentions the different countertop material options that pair the best with oak cabinets. In addition, read about how different oak cabinet colors look with quartz countertops.

Quartz countertop with oak cabinets

When people look for a timeless natch for their oak cabinets, they often pick quartz countertops. Quartz is an engineered stone with 10% resin and 90% quartz. It is available in many colors and designs. Therefore, homeowners love to match quartz countertops with oak cabinets.

Quartz countertops can add a sense of contrast to the kitchen and give it a brighter look. There are several color options in quartz that people choose from to match the color of the oak cabinets. Quartz is available in both light and dark hues. Homeowners have a tough time deciding between both because they all present the kitchen with a unique look.

Light quartz countertop hues

  • Lagoon: Lagoon is a pretty color on a white base with cream-colored spots and veins of gray. It is mostly made on Silestone, a mixture of quartz and other natural stones. The lagoon is popular for giving a neat vibe while making the kitchen look bigger and modern.
  • London Gray: a more off-whitish color, nearing gray color scheme gives the required aesthetic look to the kitchen. It complements the oak cabinets in any color. In addition, homeowners choose this color to achieve a granite-like look for their kitchen.
  • Lyra: It is also available on Silestone and nears to off-whitish color. It resembles pearl jasmine and snow by Ibiza. Lyra has a shiny finish on the surface. Thus, it is easy to clean. It complements the oak cabinets precisely.
  • Golden Oak: Picking up golden oak quartz countertops with oak cabinets is a classic way to give the kitchen a traditional wooden look. In addition, it is a cost-effective way to merge different parts of the kitchen into one look.

Dark quartz countertop hues

  • Eternal Marquina: People who like ebony base countertops should go for eternal Marquina. It pairs well with oak wood cabinets placed anywhere in the kitchen. Its shiny surface further resonates with the oak cabinets’ finish and completes the kitchen look.
  • Coastal Gray: Homeowners who are more into traditional looks consider pairing oak cabinets with coastal gray-colored quartz countertops. It has strokes of white and black with dark shades giving a strong character to countertops and interiors.

Marble countertops and oak cabinets

Marble is one material that is both modern and classic. People can never go wrong with a marble and oak cabinet pairing for their kitchen. At the same time, it is a little expensive but extremely durable, so you do not have to spend any money on remodeling the kitchen for the next few years. Interestingly, both oak and marble hone amazing natural qualities that complement each other very well.

It is a piece of known information that most people choose white marble for countertops. However, several other color options are pink, lime, deep green, and dramatic black. Interestingly, marble creates an amazing contrast with natural wood. Another benefit of pairing marble with oak cabinets is that it makes the kitchen look bigger, brighter, and airy.

Common types of marble

  • Calacatta Marble: It hones a crispier white color with showstopper veins. The main reason for homeowners liking this marble is its unique vein colors. It ranges from inky gray to cream and rich gold to brown.
  • Carrara Marble: It originates in the Italian region, namely, Carrara. It is a gray-colored marble but can also have a blue tint. It has beautiful white feathery veins with a touch of smoky blue.
  • Statuary Marble: It is mostly used for statues of marble; however, the veiny texture on the surface gives it an antique look. Pairing honey oak cabinets with quartz countertops make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. The ultra-modern look provided by this marble’s dazzling white base color is an additional advantage.

Concrete countertops with oak cabinet

Concrete is a neutral tone surface, so homeowners prefer it over any other material because it can easily be paired with any color of oak cabinets. In addition, it is easy to get creative with concrete countertops because it acts as a plain canvas. Interior designers work on concrete to provide the rustic look, industrial setup, chirped texture, or a modern look.

In addition, a concrete countertop is not premade; professional fabricators pour the mixture into the countertop area. Therefore, it makes it easier to customize the countertop design. Furthermore, it opens endless possibilities to customize concrete. For example, interior designers have suggested using pebbles and natural stone pieces to create a contrast with oak cabinets.

Wooden countertops with oak cabinets

Pairing oak cabinets with wooden countertops might seem like a boring idea, but homeowners remodeling their kitchen to get a contemporary look have loved this unique pair. Apart from using oakwood, designers and architects have suggested using maple, white Oak, American walnut, etc., to achieve a warmer tone in the kitchen. The rich character of the wood makes it a price-worthy, practical, and attractive countertop option.

Final words

Oak cabinetry is making a comeback among homeowners remodeling or constructing their kitchens. Actually, Oak is highly-durable and gives the kitchen a classic look. Therefore, more and more people are inclined towards getting quartz countertops with oak cabinets material. In addition, Oak can be colored in different colors, leaving the homeowners with a range of countertop ideas to pair it with. We hope the information mentioned above helps people understand how different pairs add a unique touch to kitchens.

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