Best Quit smoking apps

4 Best Quit Smoking Apps for Android Phones

There’s an app for everything these days, including apps that help you quit smoking for good. And that should come as no surprise because quitting smoking is definitely not an easy undertaking.

With these best quit smoking apps below, you can take your Android device to a whole new level and use it to help you gain control over your addiction, toss those cigarettes, and get on track towards a healthier way of life for yourself and your family.

#1. QuitNow!

The QuitNow! app works by keeping track of how much time has gone by since you officially kicked your cigarette habit. It also shows you how much you’ve been able to save as a result of avoiding cigarettes. And by seeing just how many cigarettes you would’ve consumed if you had kept smoking, and how many hours you’re adding to your life because of improved health, you’ll definitely put things in perspective and realize how much of a change you’re making in your life.

#2. Smoke Free

When you can actually view and even measure your progress towards a goal, you can achieve success more easily, and the Smoke Free app lets you see how long you’ve been able to go without a cigarette.

The app entices you to stay on track by also showing you how much money you’ve been able to save because you haven’t had to purchase any cigarettes, as well as how your health has been able to improve since you quit and how many cigarettes you have avoided. To further motivate you, you can share your progress with your friends, especially when you receive achievement badges that you can show off.

#3. Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

In addition to checking out the vaping and electronic cigarette products on any website in order to get your nicotine fix without having to smoke tobacco cigarettes, you should also download the Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson app in order to continually be inspired and motivated every day to stick to your goal of becoming nicotine-free.

Andrew Johnson is a popular stress management expert and a clinical hypnotherapist who provides self-help programs to those who are overcoming addictions of all kinds. So if you want to go beyond avoiding lighting up a cigarette and you want to overcome the actual situations that cause you to smoke, this app will show you how you can break those bad habits, relax your mind, and retrain your body to no longer depend upon cigarettes to get through your day.

#4. Craving to Quit

Craving to Quit is a free trial app, but you can expand to the Craving to Quit Pro app to get even more benefits. Developed and tested at Yale, this customizable app will assist you in developing goals and tracking progress. You’ll receive valuable visual and audio instructions, reflections, and exercises that will help you quit smoking for good in just 21 days.

With so many great apps to choose from for your Android device, you can use the technology at your fingertips every day to quit smoking cigarettes.


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