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Biophilic Design: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors in Your Home’s Interiors

The art of bringing the outdoors indoors is called biophilic design. Many of us have been incorporating this design in our homes for many years and probably didn’t even know it.

When speaking of bringing the outdoors indoors, most people think of simply adding plants to their decor because, well, they’re green. But with biophilic design, it encompasses much more than just bringing plants into your home. Biophilic design is the culmination of nature’s beauty in its entirety and you can bring that into your home by way of textures, scents, or visuals.

If you’re in the slightest way interested in learning more about how you can incorporate biophilic design into your home, follow these tips.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Biophilic Design in Your Home

1. Add Indoor Plants

If we’re going to be talking about bringing the outdoors indoors, we might as well start it off with the feature that everyone knows, and that’s bringing in indoor plants. Adding plants to your home’s decor has been one of the tried and true decorating techniques for quite some time but many people didn’t know exactly what type of design style it was… but now you do.

House plants not only add beauty to your home but they’re also good for your health as well. If you’re going to add houseplants to your home’s decor, opt for plants that purify the air like snake plants, bromeliads, and ferns.

2. Open Your Windows For Fresh Air

It’s as simple as that. There’s nothing better than being inside your home and breathing the fresh air. This will also filter out the allergens and toxins found inside your home from being closed up, and it will naturally heat and cool your home as well.

3. Let the Sun’s Energy Power Your Home

To additionally speak on heating and cooling, if you do need to turn on your heating and cooling system, you can actually do so with clean energy generated from the sun. Clean energy in NY provides residents there with electricity that’s generated from renewable resources, thus no harm is being done to the environment. Powering your home with the sun’s energy may not exactly be a design trend per se, but it’s certainly bringing the outdoors indoors, literally and figuratively!

4. Add Depth and Warmth to Rooms With Various Textures

From furs and prints to wood and stone, bringing depth and warmth to your home can easily be accomplished with inspiration from nature. If your design style is farmhouse, you might opt for leather and wood textures, but if your design style is Bohemian, you might go for stone textures and various animal prints and furs to really bring out the free spirit the Bohemian design style has.

5. Let the Scents of Nature Fill Your Home

With biophilic design, you most certainly can’t forget about the glorious scents of nature. The scents of pine and oak are refreshing just like the fresh scent of rain and lavender are all beautiful scents to incorporate into your home, whether you go pick fresh lavender or create the scent through candles… The point is that the scent of nature should tickle your sense when you walk through the door.

There are many other ways to bring biophilic design into your home but these are a few simple and easy ways to do so.

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