Blunders you are making with Big Data

With all the hype surrounding the amount of data that is being generated by businesses, it is only natural to understand the excitement of analytics companies. Picturing the fact that we are generating more information than ever in the human history, there has come out a need for people to become a qualified big data analyst. It is now, more than ever that our reliance on data has grown to a proportion that one can’t arrive at a rational business decision without it. why is that so? The answer is simple.

In historical data lies the trends and the manner in which someone behaved. It is a measure of the means of customer psyche which is the cardinal reason enterprises are opening up their old records to see what trends affected their sales in what kind of manner. The oncoming or as many sceptics suggest the onslaught of big data, has got our brains running only in one direction, thinking on a linear path that numbers are the only way forward.and this is where the original sin lies. We may have been mistaken, once again.

Data doesn’t have a perspective of its own after all, does it? the only function of data is in telling us “what there was”. The perception is the art that is performed by humans, in our case the big data analyst that you hire, will lend his view on which direction to go with the trail of numbers left behind by the consumers. Business leaders need to start understanding that the existence of data is so much more different than the application of data.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Every brand and when we say that, we mean to include even the bricks and mortar stores that decorate the economy of a country and run the livelihood of millions, are fixated with the idea of finding some application for data or the other. Stop, you don’t have to. If the business is running fine and dandy then what need do you have to change anything. The doctor would not advise you any prescription in this matter we are afraid.

Being error free doesn’t necessarily mean being right. What skips our mind is the fact that information available to us is from a different timeline altogether. Do we wear sweaters in summers, think you have the answer to that query! If your target audience had at some point in time reacted in a particular manner, then that doesn’t mean they would do so again. In fact, there would certainly have been so many permutations out of your control, which would have triggered a particular wave of action. For instance, lack of discounts on similar products as compared to your offerings, lack of time to make a decision or even the inability of the marketing campaigns of other businesses to reach the audience.

Bottom line being –a big data analyst should only rely on data if there is a need, for everything else there is intuition & experience.

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