Brand Reputation Competition

Brand Reputation Competition: 7 Tips From The Leaders Of Video Marketing

You have worked out your business name and you ready to burst into the business scene. Next, you wonder how you can make your mark on the absurdly competitive market filled up with several brands. Video Marketing is one of the ways you can get the exposure you need to become a big player in the market.

Video marketing is a marketing strategy where you use videos to market your product or service by using the said video as a means to drive up awareness for your products and your social platforms. These videos are also a means to educate your customers on the specifics of your product.

Video marketing cannot be done just by putting any kind of video up on your platform. There is a skill to it. Your video must be impactful, sensational, and engaging. Don’t fret about it; it’s not hard to learn, nor is it like writing essays where you have to have a certain expertise as an essay writer. In a few minutes, you’d learn this skill and be ready to lead the market with what you’ve learned.

Know Your Audience

In making your videos, you can’t afford to use a one style fits all method at all. You need to make a video that will appeal to your audience. Your videos must relate to your business first of all, and must also be made for those interested in what you are about. For instance, if you sell music equipment, you want to focus on music enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts.

Even when you find your specific audience, you have to take cognizance of their age groups and make video content that will suit them. Age is not the only factor you have to consider, you have to also consider interest. Gather necessary data and use what you find out to determine what would excite your audience.

Win Your Audience From The Title

You must hook your audience right from the beginning. Your title must be very exciting and enchanting. Your video description must trigger something instinctual in your audience and your thumbnail should have exciting parts which would make your audience click and watch your video.

Make your Video Interesting

Researching and knowing your audience would not amount to anything if your video content is not eye-catching at all. The rise in the use of smartphones which have allowed humans to have access to almost any content they need has also shortened the attention span of the average human. This shortened attention span revolves around web content.

Tips From The Leaders Of Video Marketing

Your video has to connect with your customers. It has to have that “wow” factor. One of the ways you can achieve this is to make sure your video is all about your customer and not about you wanting to make money off them. You have to connect with your audience emotionally by telling stories, stories that will touch them.

Do not forget to put CTA in your videos. You can choose to use it at the beginning of your video, the middle, or the end.

Be SEO Smart

You have made an awesome video, but if you do not create a means by which your audience can get to it, then it would all be for nothing. You can improve your video’s chances of having a wider reach through SEO rating by choosing a keyword. Your keyword must be tied to your video and this would increase your chances of being seen. Complement your awesome keyword with a mouth-watering description that would make people click your video when they see it.

Create a Schedule

Now that you have your audience, you have to work on keeping them. You can do this by operating a schedule for which you would be uploading videos.

Be Social Media Present

Social media platforms present you with the available group of people you can make your audience. You can increase your level of engagement by posting your content on social media. Also, you can use the ads feature on the various social media platforms to target your specific audience and increase your engagement.

Furthermore, you can make use of social media influencers. These are people with large followers on social media. You can partner with them and use them to push your videos even further.

In addition, you can even make your videos more popular when you announce promotions and giveaways on them. You can make a competition for people to share your videos. The video could also involve people telling you their favorite video out of all the ones you have uploaded. That way, you get more people to interact with your videos.

Learn From Others

You are not an island. There are people around you full of ideas and advice. Do not carry the burden of doing this by yourself. Share with people, get advice from them and find those who would not mind working with you.

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