Budget Home Improvement Projects To Spruce Up Your Jacksonville, FL Home
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5 Budget Home Improvement Projects To Spruce Up Your Jacksonville, FL Home

When the market is offering high interest rates, it can be harder for sellers to get the buyer attention they want to sell at their ideal price. If you’re in the mode where you want to wait a bit before selling your home, you might consider doing some budget-friendly home spruce-ups so that your Jacksonville, Florida home continues to gain value even as you enjoy the benefits of a home with updates until you decide it’s time to sell.

Make Needed Repairs to Shingles, Soffits, or Gutters

Weather in Florida and elsewhere can be responsible for small damage to your home, which may be barely noticeable unless you’re going and looking for it. A good practice when you know you’ll eventually want to sell your home is to give the house a thorough evaluation at least once or twice a year, checking for missing shingles, damaged soffits, and broken or leaky gutters. Each of these items on their own is minimally challenging to fix, but leaving them for a long time can lead to water intrusion that is far more costly.

Give Your Patio a Spruce With Outdoor Kitchen Features

If you’ve got a nice patio but haven’t ever done a lot of work on it, you can make it a showpiece of the house without a wildly expensive project. From adding some countertops or cabinets for outdoor cooking items, to adding a permanent firepit for family members to enjoy on a pleasant evening, small touches can cue potential buyers to daydream about their time here entertaining on the patio.

Kitchen and Bathroom Updates Without Demolition Save Money

The idea of renovating a bathroom or kitchen can send your mind into a tailspin of dollar signs. However, the concept of a “pull-and-replace” update can be a good option for people who want to make big liveability and design changes without altering the actual structure of their home, which ends up saving a lot of money while still updating things like appliances, doorknobs, preppy wallpapers, backsplashes, and more. Once you isolate the items in your kitchen that are most dated, you can really make a huge change for the better.

Replace or Paint the Front Door

One project that can often be accomplished in a weekend is sprucing up the front entry way. Changing out an old front door can have an outsized impact on how beautiful your area feels when people first approach the house. Even repainting can add to your home’s curb appeal and improve first impressions.

A Stretch Goal: Add a Half Bath

One way to really change the echelon of your home in the real estate space is to add a half bathroom. Many homes have a spot where a completely new half bath can be added without major renovations, focusing on changing a large closet over to have a sink and toilet. It allows homes to feel more convenient and accommodating to a larger family and simply expands the appeal of the home, leaving many more buyers in your pool. While a larger project, it is one of the more budget-friendly options when it comes to major renovations, and until you sell, you’ll get all the benefits of more bathrooms as well.

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