Business Lessons From Barack Obamas Campaign

6 Business Lessons From Barack Obama’s Campaign

Barack Obama is not the first presidential candidate to use the Internet in his campaign. But Barack Obama is the only one who has been able to teach lessons for a business with his campaign, i.e. turning online donors into real on-the-ground supporters and votes. How did his online advertising campaign function?

Barack Obama had an email list of 13 million people. He had five million friends on 15 different social networks such as Facebook (3000000), MySpace covering several Asian, African-American and Hispanic communities. He had a website with more than 8.5 million visitors a month, more than 400,000 blog posts. He had more than 2,000 official YouTube videos viewed more than 80 million times. But what was the purpose of this online activity?

Lessons for business to learn from Barack Obama’s campaign

  1. Build a network of supporters. In the Obama campaign, it was possible to build a network of supporters on 3 levels: personal, social and “mediator level”. Starting on the personal level, by becoming a friend of Obama on one of the social networks, people became practically part of the campaign.

    They were always informed about the latest developments in the campaign and became “enablers,” able to send comments on their friends’ profiles. On a social level, anyone could register on Obama’s website and create a supporters’ group with photos, blogs and YouTube videos. In this way, Obama supporters stimulated ‘demand for Obama’, raising his popularity and, ultimately, his voting record.

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  1. Empowerment of VIP participants. Those who formed support groups and attracted potential campaign donors were given access to Obama’s database. Limited, of course, but even that was not available to everyone.
  2. Providing content for users to create their content. Obama’s website contained videos, speeches, photos and various instructions that gave people the opportunity to create their content to support his campaign. So supporters created more than 400,000 videos on YouTube and more than 400,000 posts on the site.
  3. Obama was where the people were. The campaign used more than one social network. Because some use Facebook, others MySpace, and minorities AsianAve, MiGente and BlackPlanet. So Team Obama chose the most influential social networks. All these social networks were used to attract friends to Obama’s website.
  4. Using tools that people already use and are close to them. All of these social networks were well known and had their fans. Each member had their profile and their group of friends, attracting them did not require much investment.
  5. Made it easy for people to find them. On the web, they were everywhere. The Obama team also invested a lot in search engine optimisation (SEO). After all, nothing works if you can’t be found.

In place of conclusion: every small business should practice guerrilla marketing of this or similar types and take every opportunity to engage consumers. There are lessons to be learned for your business from this story. And that’s just one thought on how social media can become a marketing weapon.

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