Call Reminders Vs Text Reminders

Call Reminders Vs Text Reminders – Which One Is Best For New Clients?

If you are just starting a new business, or you have recently acquired an entirely new clientele base, then you need to keep one thing in mind when you are brainstorming business practices – how can I keep my new customers while still remaining loyal to my old consumer group? By being able to connect with your new clients and maintain healthy relationships with your old customers, you can do what most businesses strive to do – maintain a big consumer base that is dedicated, loyal, and favors your company over any other option.

But how can you make your customers feel appreciated? Along with using marketing tactics that are highly targeted at your specific clientele base – such as focusing on your certain demographic, age range, or type of person – you can also use reminders to reach out to your clients and ensure there are never any missed appointments, late show-ups, or no-shows. Let’s see the benefits of using call reminders and text reminders – and which one is best for our business.

Call reminders vs text reminders – which one should I use for new clients? Find out more here!

Are you thinking of using call reminders vs text reminders, but you don’t know which one to use for new clients? If you have a client who has recently started using your business over other options in the local area, this person may require a different type of marketing strategy and communication tactic than you would find with consumers who have been shopping at your online store for the past 5 years.

So which one should you use for new clients to keep them connected and in the loop: call reminders vs text reminders? Simply put, text reminders are more effective. Not only are they more effective for clients that you have already been communicating with for the past few months or years, but they are also still the most effective and efficient option for new consumers. You can simply draft a mass text and then customize certain parts to send to your new clients, such as the name, appointment, time, and any other detailed information.

The reason that text reminders take the cake over any other type of notification is that humans are addicted to their phones – people check their phones over 50 times per day! This means that during one of these 50 times, they are sure to see a text message that has come through on their phone. If they simply miss a call and it goes to voicemail, chances are much lower that they will open their phone, go to voicemail, put in their passcode, and take the time to listen to the voice reminder.


When comparing call reminders vs text reminders, it is important to know that text reminders and mass texts are much more efficient for clients in your business. Not only are they better at acquiring new clients and reminding them of upcoming appointments, changes in a schedule, or special deals, they are the preferred method for loyal consumers of your business!

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