Can Technology Help Make Roads Safer for Pedestrians?

In the modern era of technological advancement, automated solutions are being utilized to enhance the safety of our roads. Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable road users. The growing number of road accidents involving pedestrians has made it imperative to find ways to protect them from harm. Many technological solutions are being developed which are aimed at preventing pedestrians from injury so they can safely share the road with vehicles.

Here are some technologies and how they are making our roads safe for pedestrians:

Smart Crosswalks

Smart crosswalks are among the most widespread technologies used to protect pedestrians. These crosswalks are sensor-equipped to detect pedestrians and alert drivers through visual signs like lights flashing and sounds. It serves as both a warning on pedestrian crossings and a force for drivers to slow down and driver with care. Smart crosswalks can also be connected to the traffic lights to provide pedestrians extra time to safely go across the street. The technology is being used in many cities around the world and so far, it has shown some success in reducing pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian Detection Systems

Another increasing in popularity system is pedestrian detection systems. They use sensors and cameras installed on vehicles which are used to detect and observe pedestrians on or near the road. The system gives a warning to the driver immediately when a pedestrian is detected through visual and audio prompts, ensuring the driver has enough time to take action to avoid an accident. This technology is useful in low visibility areas where drivers may not see a person crossing the street. Some automobile makers have started to include this feature,but it may be required in all cars in the future.

Intelligent Speed Assistance

Speeding is one of the most common causes of road accidents especially those involving pedestrians and the faster a car is traveling the more likely a pedestrian will suffer catastrophic injuries or death if they are hit. This is being addressed by a technology called intelligent speed assistance (ISA). This system uses GPS and digital mapping to recognize the speed limit on the road and to alert the driver that he has gone beyond it. More sophisticated systems can even change the vehicle speed to the speed limit automatically. This is not only to prevent people from facing accidents but also to promote healthy driving behavior benefitting the pedestrians and the drivers.

Technologies That Can Help Make Roads Safer for Pedestrians

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars are no longer an idea of the future as the technology is on our roads today. These vehicles are equipped with a set of sensors, cameras, and Artificial Intelligence which is used to steer and make decisions in traffic. The potentials of these vehicles in preventing pedestrian related accidents are vast. The capability of self-driving cars to detect and respond to potential threats or obstacles may exceed a human driver’s ability to react. However, more research and testing is needed to evaluate the safety and reliability of these vehicles before they are used by consumers in large scale.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Beyond technologies being designed for vehicles, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) are being used to educate drivers on proper human-pedestrian interaction. These systems can simulate realistic traffic conditions for drivers to experience and educate themselves on how to respond to a potential danger preparing them for real life scenarios behind the wheel.


Technology has the ability to shape road safety for drivers and pedestrians. With pedestrian accidents on the rise throughout the US. With states like California and Texas experiencing record numbers, and even less populous states such as Oklahoma saw 104 fatalities in 2021. Through smart crosswalks and self-driving cars, such technologies are reducing the level of separation and safety between pedestrians and cars. What is more, virtual and augmented reality are used to teach drivers and pedestrians the safety rules of the roads. We have more advanced technological solutions aimed at increasing the safety of our road systems yet to come as research and development continue. Governments and organizations should keep on investing in these technologies to improve the road safety and save the lives of pedestrians.

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