CBD for Dogs, Best CBD dog treats

CBD for Dogs: 7 Best CBD Dog Treats

Cannabidiol also known as CBD has promising benefits for the human body. People are already using it to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and supporting workout recovery. CBD is available in various forms including oil, topical, capsules, and sprays. However, different manufacturers are offering CBD treats for pets as well.

Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is present in both humans and pets, to alleviate various health conditions including chronic pain, migraines, and nausea. If you have a dog or cat, CBD can improve its wellbeing. For that reason, below is a review of the best CBD for dogs to assist you find the right treats.

What Should I Know About CBD Pet Treats?

Various companies provide CBD pet treats. They might have slightly different ingredients but the common component is CBD, which is safe for your pet. Unlike THC, which is psychoactive, CBD does not make your pet feel high. Cannabidiol products for pets include CBD oils, powders, and treats. The pet treats are like the CBD gummies human beings ingest. They are delicious and dogs love treats. Pet edibles are easy to administer, which saves you time and frustration. Besides, they are available in varying CBD strengths to suit different animal weights and sizes.

Why Should I Give My Pet CBD Treats?

You should give your pet CBD treats because they help manage various conditions and we have already mentioned some of them. The CBD in the treats works with your pet’s endocannabinoid system, which controls functions such as pain, mood, stress, and appetite.

CBD treats can help reduce pain and inflammation caused by injuries. If you have an old canine friend and mobility is becoming an issue, CBD can help relieve joint inflammation and ease the discomfort. It also assists with arthritis. Perhaps your pet is anxious that you leaving him home or you are out or a walk and he cannot stop barking or panting. CBD treats can help him calm down, relax, and feel comfortable.  The other thing cannabidiol relieve is nausea, which causes loss of appetite. CBD reduces nausea to allow your pet eat and rejuvenate.

Who Makes The Best CBD Treats?

Manufacturers that use natural, organically grown, safe ingredients make the best treats. With such products, you do not have to worry about adverse side effects. Artificial components such as solvents, colors, flavors and preservatives are always terrible for your health and your pet’s. For that reason, make sure you purchase dog treats consisting of clean, natural, safe components and CBD derived from organically grown hemp free of pesticides and herbicides. An excellent company also puts its products through third-party lab tests to further make sure that their CBD treats are safe.

Top 7 CBD Treats for Dogs

In your search for the CBD dog treats, keep in mind the following products whem making purchasing decisions.


FAB CBD is one of the best CBD dog treats. It offers three types of treats for active immune, calm and cool, and skin and coat, which have chicken, peanut butter apple, and salmon flavors respectively. One Fab CBD dog treat contains 3mg of CBD. The manufacturer uses broad-spectrum hemp extract in making the products. For a pet under 10lbs, you should give it 1.5mg or CBD, which is half a single treat. As for 10-25lbs animals, administer 3mg CBD, which is one full treat. If your dog weighs 25-50lbs, give it 1.5treats, and when it is over 50lbs, 2treats are enough. These are daily dosages for FabCBD dog treats.


  • Crunchy and delicious
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • Made from organic hemp
  • THC-free
  • Dairy, wheat corn, and soy-free
  • High quality


  • Available in one CBD strength but you can break the treat into halves

2. Made By Hemp

With Made By Hemp, you are buying best dog treats with salmon, pumpkin, and bacon flavors. The company offers several products, including Calm and Quiet, Happy and Healthy, and True Hemp Chews for hip and joint issues. You can buy treats for small dogs that have 1mg CBD per treat and if you have a large dog then go for the 2.5mg CBD per treat option.

For small dogs of up to 50lbs, the recommended serving size is 1 treat per 10lbs while for big ones weighing over 50lbs, it is 1 treat per 40lbs. Therefore, if your pet weighs 30lbs, it needs three chews each having 1mg CBD and if it weighs 80lbs, it needs 2 chews each having 2.5mg CBD.


  • Contain natural ingredients; no chemicals
  • The manufacturer caters for both small and big dogs
  • Non-GMO with no preservatives
  • Buyers have more than one flavor choices


  • The packaging is not as elegant, but it is functional

3. Honest Paws

The Honest Paws offers hemp for dogs with exciting flavors. The treats come in peanut butter flavor to calm your pet down, turmeric for bones and joint heath, and coconut taste for skin irritations and seasonal allergies. The treats contain full spectrum hemp to ensure your body enjoys the entourage of other cannabinoids besides CBD. I treat has 5mg of CBD and each bay of Honest Paw has 30 delicious bites for your pet. For dogs over 50lbs, 3 treats are ideal, 25-50lbs 2 chews, and dogs weighing up to 25lbs can have one treat a day.


  • The treats are soft for easy chewing
  • Undergo third-party lab tests
  • Can break into two pieces
  • Has naturally occurring cannabidiol
  • All natural and THC free


  • Available in one CBD potency only

4. Hemp My Pet

Buy your dog hemp dog biscuits from Hemp My Pet that come in pumpkin and peanut butter banana. The manufacturer offers both 2mg CBD treats for small dogs and 5mg treats for big dogs, which fosters convenience. One treat at a time is enough. Hemp My Pet is infused with CBD hemp extract to ensure your pet gets the entire cannabidiol amount into its body.


  • Contains human-grade and organic ingredients
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Consists of full spectrum hemp CBD
  • It is third-party tested for quality and components


  • Offers two flavors only

5. King Kalm

If you are looking for hard chews for your canine, purchase King Kalm. You can go for the apple cinnamon, honey oats, or blueberry flavors. Each chew contains 3mg CBD, which is a good starting amount if your pet is new to cannabidiol products. The treats are baked slowly and dehydrated to keep their nutrition intact.


  • Contains naturally derived cannabidiol
  • Has organic ingredients
  • Delicious and rich in Omega 3 and vitamins
  • Gluten free with no THC
  • Independent lab tested


  • The manufacturer provides one CBD strength

6. Holista Pet

When your dog is struggling with stress and anxiety, Holista Pet treats can help relieve the discomfort. As for flavors, your loyal flavors have three options green apple and peanut, pumpkin spices and cinnamon, and blueberry and sweet potato. The product contains full spectrum CBD and superfood and each treat provides 5mg CBD.


  • Has organic CBD
  • Vegan and high-quality
  • Gluten-free and non-dairy
  • Does not contain wheat, artificial flavors, or colors
  • All three flavors entail superfoods
  • All natural


  • 5mg CBD per treat content can be a high amount for dogs new to CBD

7. Hemp Health Inc

As one of the best CB dog treats, Hemp Health provides pest with fantastic flavors, including peanut butter, salmon, chicken, and bacon. They are all delicious tastes that your loyal companion will like. The manufacturer utilizes full spectrum CBD in making the treats, thus besides cannabidiol, your pet also ingests CBG, CBDA, and CBN cannabinoids. Nevertheless, every chew has 4mg of CBD for your dog to benefit.


  • Contains food grade ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy and tree nut-free
  • Has no preservatives or artificial flavors
  • All natural


  • Available in 4mg CBD strength only

Will There Be Any Side Effects?

CBD dog treats do not pose any serious side effects. However, there have been selected reports of pets experiencing drowsiness, dry mouth and throat, and sleepiness. It is not mandatory that your dog will face these effects. Besides, CBD products without THC is not psychoactive so your dog will not get high from eating cannabidiol chews.

So, Where Can I Buy Them?

The right place to buy CBD dog treats is from the official product websites. From there, you get the best deals and prices. You can choose a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription. Either way, you are sure that you are buying genuine products direct form the manufacturer.


CBD dog treats help alleviate various health conditions in pets. Instead of helplessly watching your canine ally suffer in pain, struggle with anxiety, or bark continuously, give it some CBD treats to relieve discomfort and help it calm down. We have already discussed some of the treats to purchase and factors to consider during purchase. You are now in a better position to buy the best CBD chews for your dog.

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