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Check Duplication of Two Similar Texts

We reside in a world where you can have access to a vast range of information if you have a secure internet connection. Creating new content and developing academic assignments and articles now seem like a walk in the park after the internet has made lives easier for us. With the ease of finding useful resources in seconds, people have become inconsiderate when it comes to copying an already published content. This, known as plagiarism, is an act of stealing other’s content and using it as their own has become a common practice. To counter such an act, companies have introduced a fantastic technology, a plagiarism checker, to protect a writer’s right.

To protect published content from being copied, a plagiarism checker proves to be a handy tool to inspect your material and raise any red flags. This specialized technology is available in the online market as both paid and free versions.

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker?

To elaborate on the importance of this technology, we will discuss some of the benefits attached to these tools.

Provides links of the plagiarized content: A plagiarism checker informs you that your content has been plagiarized, and at the same time, it lets you know from where the material has been copied. So, it takes you to the plagiarized source of text. These sources confirm the use of the tool that the results are based on substantial evidence. Also, a user of the tool can compare the source text with the duplicated content.

Speed and Ease: A plagiarism checker is designed to detect the work of plagiarists, and all it’s done with ease and speed. These tools are powerful and work fast as they can search the entire web within a few seconds. The software application then matches each sentence with the database of content from around the world and presents the results within a short time. The speed of a plagiarism tool is incredible and produces authentic results. The tools also have an easy to use interface that someone with little knowledge of technology can also use conveniently.

A Useful tool for bloggers and marketers: Marketers use content to sell their products and attract their target audience. There are some industries where you will find more sellers than actual buyers. Since the market has become so competitive, businesses use content to reach their audience. This has made the creation of new, fresh, and unique content a challenge for many people. You may have an idea that has already been said by someone else in similar or other words. Hence, it is recommended to use a plagiarism checker even if you have created the content by yourself from scratch. With a plagiarism tool, you would be directed to your concerned websites from where you can have an idea of what your competitors are up to.

Helps you to check your paraphrasing skills: An online plagiarism checker will detect content that has an exact match of the original writer’s words. So, if you have paraphrased your material efficiently, then it would not show up any plagiarism tool. This is particularly useful for students who have to research for their academic papers and write on their own. With a plagiarism checker, you will find out your paraphrasing prowess.

Protect you from regulatory and ethical issues: A plagiarism checker is a blessing for both writers and academicians. In order to excel in their field, they need to work hard and ensure the regulatory and ethical limits are not crossed in any way. For them, having content that has been plagiarism can land them in a lot of trouble. Writers may lose their credibility and even clients while a student may be suspended or expelled in the worst cases. In fact, plagiarists have been sued by original authors for stealing their work. Google punishes plagiarists by delisting their site, and hence this could result in loss of hard work and lots of dollars that were invested.

Whatever the situation is, it is always better to save yourself from the embarrassment that a plagiarism act can bring. Plagiarism should always be avoided as an authentic approach to work depicts the seriousness and intellectual levels of a person.

Get Your Hands On the Best Plagiarism Checker

If you want to avoid plagiarism in your content, then you ought to look for a tool that can work wonders for you.

  • Duplichecker

The market is flooded with incredible tools, but one such tool that you can blindly rely on is available at There are a few commendable names, but Duplichecker is by far the oldest website that offers these services for free. The tool requires no registration and has no limits on the number of checks. It checks each sentence of your content and links it to the source text.

  • Plagscan

The tool allows you to check your work accurately. This web-based tool compares your content with internal databases as well as online content. You can upload multiple files to check your data.

  • Unplug Checker

This real-time plagiarism checker provides instant results but comes with a little complicated interface. The tool also allows a free check of a maximum of 500 words, so if you want to check bulk content, then you may rely on the sites as mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, copying content has become a pressing issue around the world, especially since many people duplicate content found on the internet. Because of this, students have put themselves in trouble, and online websites have faced legal actions. So, it is essential for all of us to make good use of technology instead of abusing it.

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