Chester Bennington Autopsy Report Released

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington died on July 20th, 2017, in suspicious suicide circumstances, following the other suspicious suicide of his good friend and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell on May 17th 2017. It was only a matter of time before we would cover this story (for plenty of reasons), and we decided to do that today because Chester Bennington is back in the news with some mew information being released regarding the circumstances of how and in what condition his body was found in, as disclosed in his official autopsy report.

If you’re one of those people who simply believe what you’re always told, which would class you apart of the herd of sheep out there in the world. Those people who have some interest in finding out the truth, or even possibilities in certain matters, tend to dig a little further. Some would say that it is the job of the Police to research suicides and murders, the motives for them, as well as systemic, organised, ritualistic, satanic child sex abuse, but unfortunately investigators can only go so far… So out there on the worldwide web, with the help of 4chan’s /pol/ board and Reddit, these hidden voices on the Internet tell us a horrible gem of a story, which of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’d probably already heard of by now.


                                                                                              Chester Bennington, as he was.

First, what’s the new revelations of the state and circumstances in which Chester Bennington was discovered? Well, Chester Bennington had traveled home early from a family vacation, arrived at his home in Palo Verdes Estates alone that night. The next morning around 9am on July 20th (Chris Cornell’s birthday), his house maid entered his room to find Chester Bennington dead. She had entered the room only when an Uber had arrived to pick him up that morning. Strange, right? Who orders an Uber for the next morning, when they decide to commit suicide the night before? Doesn’t that seem strange to anyone else? Anyway, what the autopsy information has now revealed is that Chester Bennington had a small amount of alcohol in his system at the time of his death, and a half drunk pint of beer was found on the bed side table. You can read the official autopsy report in full here.

There were no drugs in his system, contrary to previous reports that ecstasy been found in his body. Additionally, if ecstasy was found, which it wasn’t, it’s hardly a suicidal drug, is it? People claim that Chester had been suicidal in the past, which could come down to the sexual abuse and molestation that he suffered as a child and growing up, but he never mentioned who did it, and just how rampant this sexual abuse was, as he himself revealed in interviews before his death. So, could the suicidal tendencies and him being sexually abused as a young boy be related in some way?

Perhaps he may have been caught up in something like the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), or even the Satanic practices preached by Aleister Crowley, the lord of Satanists, where the followers of Satanism believe that the raping of young boys is a Satanic rite of passage.


                                                                                           Satanist Aleister Crowley

It’s a possibility that Chester Bennington could have been caught up in such circumstances whilst growing up in some way, as is clear since his apparent paternal father curiously worked as a Policeman on child sex abuse cases. Sometimes people at the heads of certain industries have a serious conflict of interest, which seems to be the case in the life of Chester Bennington’s childhood story in relation to his supposed father, if it’s even true at all. Not much is known in the mainstream media (or anywhere for that matter) about Chester’s real father. Who is Chester Bennington’s biological father in the first place? That could be tricky to know, as some famous people often don’t go by their real names.

Some say that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were in talks to expose the serial sexual abuse of children in the entertainment industry. The late Chris Cornell had a foundation which was started in 2012 named the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation which fights for the protection of vulnerable children, as well as expose the pedophiles in the entertainment industry, which was a new inclusive goal of Chris’ foundation. Perhaps this could be a reason as to why he apparently commit suicide. Chester had grown closer to Chris Cornell over the years, and they became good friends.


                                                                                   Beloved musician, Chris Cornell.

Perhaps this foundation was something that Chester felt passionate about, since after being abused by a so-called “family friend” from the age of 7-years old to 13-years old affected him greatly through his late teens and into his adult life. Coincidentally, Chester and Chris both died in the same way, by hanging themselves in apparent suicides. Additionally, Chester died on Chris’ birthday. A bit weird…

What does the term “suicided” mean? Well, it’s when you make a murder look like a suicide.

When they found Chester Bennington’s body, he had a belt around his neck or one found near his body. He was not hanging from a ceiling, but he had strangulation marks around his neck from the belt. His body was found with his knees bent and his feet touching the floor. So presumably, he was found lying upwards with bent knees?

He was wearing unbuttoned blue jeans, black underwear and with no shirt on, with his boarding pass from the day before’s flight, still in his pocket. How do you strangle yourself with a belt, just like that? Good question. How can you strangle yourself with a belt without physically hanging yourself from a ceiling or door in some way? Who is or was Chester Bennington’s father? Nobody knows, but these next things found over the Internet might explain a couple of things further, perhaps indicating that there has been a cover up of sorts. Is there any truth to that statement? Maybe, maybe not. Have you ever heard of PizzaGate/Pedogate? You know, that horrible thing that people think has been debunked by now due to a false flag shooting in a pizza parlour in D.C.?

John podesta chester bennington

                                Is there a likeness between John Podesta and Chester Bennington? What do you think?

For some more perspective on this, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington both look like they have been “suicided” amidst the rumours of wanting to expose an entertainment industry pedophile ring. More and more people are saying that Chester Bennington’s real father could in fact be John Podesta. Strange as it may seem, Chester surely has an uncanny resemblance to Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, and with his strong ties to the Clinton’s since even during the days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, it’s a curious case to say the least.

Now, much of this PizzaGate research and revelations has come about because of the damning John Podesta’s email leaks, as well as the brazen Comet Ping Pong Pizza Instagram activity, which also goes some way to connect these political people in Washington D.C. on the Democrat side to said pizza parlour located in D.C. The pizza parlour is ran by James Alefantis i.e. JimmyComet, whose Instagram page is now no longer available for public display after so many damning screenshots have already been collected during the PizzaGate investigations. Let’s just say that all the circumstantial evidence is far more than just a conspiracy theory by now. Wait, did someone just say “killroom?”


Rumours of pedophilia in some political circles are common knowledge for people already in the know, especially in the story of John Podesta, thanks to his own leaked emails, courtesy of Wikileaks. Pizza, as we all know is code for “girl”, and “hotdog” for boy. The other common Pedo codes can be found right here.

Did you know that John Podesta is also apparently said to be an expert pig slayer/butcher, and that James Alefantis of Comet Pizza coincidentally also owns a pig farm? You see, Pigs will eat anything, but that’s just a funny coincidence, along with that totally ironic “killroom” hashtag right there. How about the promotional members message from Comet Pizza? Since have you ever heard of a pizza in “poor health” being sold at discounted prices from last month’s session?

Anyway, back to Chester. Let’s get off of that momentary tangent about these PizzaGate shockers, but we must reiterate that it is rather curious that Chester’s real father would be a Policeman who worked on child sex abuse cases. It’s well known that in these pedophile rings, it sure is great to have associated conspirators in positions of power so as to let the sexual abuse continue without any proper investigation. Sort of like what goes on within James Alefantis’s Comet Pizza – One of his close female friends who often commented on his Instagram posts just so happened to work in a business specialising in child coffins, and the making of coffins for pets.

Suspicious linkage often seems to be the practical case in these sorts of rings of people. If there’s a pedophile ring involved, expect many bases to be covered… Could it just be that Chester was in fact murdered before exposing something about a pedophile ring?

Now for some more interesting theoretical hypothesis’ about John Podesta being the biological father of Chester Bennington, which could very well just be a conspiracy theory, but this next YouTube user ran Chester’s and John’s faces through facial recognition software, and found them to share 75% accuracy when put through a side by side comparison scan, making them almost biological family through looks alone.

It could all just be a big silly conspiracy theory, couldn’t it? It’s either that, or we could all just trust snopes for all the supposed facts in life, right? Wrong! The mysteries and clear evidence remains, whilst initial Police investigators on the scene of Chester Bennington’s death debated that it didn’t show the signs of a suicide at all. There may be more evidence to suggest that it may have been a homicide.

Whether or not this has anything to do with the PizzaGate revelations, or if it has anything to do with John Podesta possibly being the biological father of Chester Bennington, could all just be speculation. We just don’t know.

However, the link between pedophilia and John Podesta is almost common knowledge by now. The undeniable evidence for the proof of the PizzaGate scandal being real can be seen through Podesta’s emails and the JimmyComet Instagram page, which is now set to Private. It’s beyond debate at this point. As we’ve said before, what “Pizza’s” do you know are classified as being “in poor health and may not survive”, and prompting you to “finish the Pizza’s off” from last months session?

Here’s a recent interview from Duke University, where John Podesta reacts to finally getting a first question about the mounting evidence against him regarding his leaked emails and PizzaGate. Take a look!

“Debunked by the way” is what he said, as if we would believe him…

By the way, rumour has it that John’s brother, Tony Podesta (who owns a decapitated head sculpture from the Dahmer murders), has already been arrested for something last month, but there’s a media blackout on it. Maybe he struck a deal with someone to have a media blackout on it too? As for further pedophilia arrests and things of the like, don’t expect to hear it on the mainstream news, either. But in conclusion, would Chester Bennington, a grown man with six kids, just kill himself with his own belt, or did he have a helping hand?

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