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Choosing The Best Waterproof Flooring

Installing, replacing or repairing the flooring in the house or elsewhere is inconvenient, expensive and time consuming. Hence home owners would like to install the best possible flooring for their house, which will last for a long time without much maintenance. For this they should choose the right flooring for each room, depending on how it is used. In rooms like the kitchen or other places where water is likely to be spilled often, it is advisable to install waterproof flooring which will not absorb water spilled on it and swell. Some tips on choosing the best waterproof flooring are listed below.

Choosing the best waterproof flooring

The extent to which the flooring is waterproof depends to a great extent on how much water the flooring will absorb when water is spilled on it for a longer period of time. Usually due to the molecular structure, vinyl flooring is considered to be the most waterproof material, since it does not absorb water, even if there is water for a longer period of time. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are waterproof, though they are often covered with flooring since they are hard. Laminate is also used, though it will absorb more water than vinyl. Rubber flooring is an eco-friendly waterproof material.

Wooden flooring is not waterproof and it will absorb water to expand in size. It may also rot, if the water is not removed quickly. So though vinyl flooring is best waterproof material, the layout and installation of the flooring should also be considered. If the flooring is installed near wooden flooring, the water may not damage the vinyl flooring, yet may leak to the wooden flooring, damaging it. Similarly if there multiple vinyl tiles which are installed close to each other, there may be seams, where water could be absorbed. So it is better to use larger vinyl sheets for flooring.

Another consideration while purchasing the waterproof flooring is the life of the flooring. Like most other products, the flooring will last longer, if it is not used often. Hence most manufacturers of vinyl flooring are specifying different warranties for the flooring depending on whether it is used in residential or commercial properties. Since far more people will walk on the flooring in commercial properties like shops, restaurants, the life of the flooring for commercial applications is usually half that for residential applications, which is used mainly by family members. Typically for residential applications the flooring should last for ten to twenty years, while for commercial applications the life is five or ten years.

best waterproof flooring

The flooring quality also depends on the thickness of the flooring and the top most wear layer. Thicker flooring which is 5 mm thick with a 0.5 mm thick wear layer typically does not require replacement for at least twenty years, if installed in homes. When water is spilled, the flooring can become slippery, resulting in injuries. However, top quality waterproof flooring is slip resistant and will also not get damaged if heavy items fall on it from a height. The flooring should also be easy to install.

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