Coastal Home Interior Design Trends in 2018
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Coastal Home Interior Design Trends in 2018

Beach houses differ from conventional homes in many ways. Coastal homes are the products of their environments. A home that stands in close proximity to the ocean may, for example, have a balcony or a deck. Many designers will incorporate the ocean or beach into the interior of the house by adding certain decorative features or installing big windows. Relaxation also forms an integral part of the typical coastal home design. If you like to stay on top of coastal lifestyle and decorative trends, keep reading to learn what is new in 2018.

Interesting Ceilings

Ceilings are increasingly becoming an object of interest for interior designers. As people became bored with lifeless white surfaces, trendy and exciting designs for ceilings started seeing the light of day. Exposed roof trusses and wood beams are popular ceiling trends for beach houses as it captures the tranquil tones of the environment. Bamboo planks are mostly used as wooden beams as it is a green and renewable alternative to hardwood.


Indoor plants in coastal homes are still trending and it will be for a long time. It almost goes without saying that a coastal home needs interior plants. There is nothing quite like a sea breeze playing with the leaves of the plants in your home. They bring a fresh, green, and natural vibe into your home that complements the nearby presence of the ocean and the surrounding nature. Always try to get plants that are indigenous to the shoreline as they are accustomed to the climate and may grow better. Plants are also a beautiful source of green in your home. Green features are another prominent trend for coastal homes in 2018.

Big Wall Art

As is the case with conventional homes, big wall art is also a coastal home interior design trend in 2018. Although you cannot go wrong with your own personal taste in art, it is a good idea to use art that relates to the surroundings of your coastal home. Local artists find inspiration from their immediate environment and visiting your local art gallery can be the best way to get your hands on beautiful wall art. Abstract or impressionist seascapes can also be a unique way to capture the underlying atmosphere of the environment and bring it into your home.


Rugs is a universal trend, and coastal home interior design is no exception. Casual and tropical style rugs the like ones from NW Rugs in Jantzen Beach are ideal for creating a tranquil and warm atmosphere in your living room. Rugs are the centerpiece of any room and the starting point of your interior design project. Coastal homes, with their unique surroundings and calm atmosphere need special rugs to give their interior a rounded and pulled-together appearance.

Water, Sand, and Sky

This is a modern design trend that incorporates blue, light brown, and white colors throughout the interior space. Wooden fittings and boards that are painted white, brown flooring with earthy textures and blue interior features are often used in combination with bright dashes of color. Indoor plants, wall art, and casual beach décor are typically part of this trend. If you are going for this style, remember that you need big windows to allow for ample natural light. Repurposing and renewing can complement the casual appearance of this style and add an element of authenticity.

Pastel Palette

This is a vintage look with pastel paint colors and comfortable couches and chairs. This style includes the use of subdued metal finishes and big uncomplicated rugs. Throw pillows and pot plants add a touch of randomness and accentuate the relaxed atmosphere.

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