Common Cancer Myths Busted

Common Cancer Myths Busted

When it comes to cancer, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of misinformation. For instance, what does cancer really do to your body? Are you guaranteed to lose your hair? Do cancer patients always go bankrupt? These are all valid questions but depending on where you look, you might find yourself with some conflicting answers. That’s why it’s important to debunk some of the most common cancer myths so you’re not left scratching your head and find a good health support for cancer.

Myth: Multivitamins and supplements can’t help

This is one that gets tossed around a lot. That’s because too many people equate the word “help” with “cure.” Naturally, your daily multivitamins can’t be your only line of defense against a cancer diagnosis; however, if you’ve discussed it with your care provider and you’re in the right position to take vitamins or supplements, it’s a great way to help your body fight it. With so many options, though, how do you choose the products that are right for your body’s unique needs? Which ones are compatible with your condition and won’t cause any unnecessary complications?

The reality is there’s no quick answer to these questions. Everybody is different, especially when cancer is involved. Some handle radiation treatment sessions well. Others don’t. And some people need specific vitamins and minerals to make up for certain nutritional deficiencies. You might find that a certain anti-cancer supplement gives you an upset stomach or makes you feel fatigued. Your best bet is to discuss all of your questions, specific needs, and any adverse side effects you experience with either your primary care physician or your cancer care coordinator.

Myth: Cancer will bankrupt you

Cancer is expensive, there are no two ways to say it. For some, your robust health insurance will provide ample assistance. For others, you may have to look into financial assistance for cancer patients. Sometimes, this will take the form of viatical settlements. A viatical settlement is when you sell your existing life insurance policy to a third party purchaser of viatical settlements. These settlements are also commonly referred to as either viatical settlement transactions or life insurance transactions. Frequently, you’ll need a broker to complete a sale. Do adequate research before you sign any viatical settlement contracts, though; you want to make sure you’re getting a solid return.

Other forms of financial aid and assistance for cancer patients often come from nonprofit organizations. When you think of cancer charities, your mind probably jumps to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, right? While that’s a formidable charity organization, there are other nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing financial assistance in the face of a cancer diagnosis. These include the Pink Fund and Healthwell Foundation. All you have to do is fill out an application form on either website to be considered.

Myth: You’re going to lose your hair

There’s a reason that many cancer patients are depicted as hairless: Radiation therapy and treatment drugs can cause hair thinning and hair loss; however, this isn’t the case for every single cancer patient. Depending on how your body responds to treatment and adapts to different drugs, you may not experience hair loss at all. In other cases, you’ll see that your hair is thinning but not rapidly falling out. In numerous cases, full hair loss does occur. If you’re uncomfortable going bald, there are several companies that create wigs and hairpieces specifically to help cancer patients feel more confident. Some of these are donated to patients in need while others still carry a price tag. It will vary from company to company.

Cancer on its own is a scary enough diagnosis. There’s no need to make things more frightening with hyperbolic myths and urban legends about the disease. It’s important to stay informed and keep your head focused on your treatment. If you want a definitive answer, the best place to start is with your healthcare provider.

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