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Cryotherapy In Sports is The Key, Didn’t You Know?

Currently the world is constantly changing and evolving and so do us. We live in a system where new competitors appear improving technology and offering new systems and ways to get what we need. We evolve with this improvement in differents ways. Sports are a way that we are improving without any doubt, you just have to look at the history of sports and the evolution of techniques.

In the past sports were just for people who were born with a gift. But now this gift advantage has been replaced by effort and smartness. Every important athlete has a method to get the result he or she needs. They train almost everyday, preparing their body to withstand what it suffers during the competition. It is important to train well enough so your body doesn’t suffer any injury, but training is not the only thing you should think about, recovering is also important so you are not endangered for the next session.

Improve your results in a natural way.

Sports cryotherapy is really important to recover easily and healthy your body after a training. It consist in the application of cold in order to obtain therapeutic benefits and has been used since old times. In the last century this method has been improved to prevent any side effect. It increases in the physical performance by increasing blood flow and releasing chemicals from your body. This helps the athlete to improve their speed and resistance without introducing any outside chemical, so it helps in a natural way.

The recovering is faster in periods where you need to expose your body to high physical efforts like tournaments or preseasons. The injuries are also healed faster because of the reduction of inflammations caused by traumatisms and overexertion. This helps the muscular regeneration and reduces pain. It has been discovered that it is not just a physical thing, but also helps mental balance thanks to the release of endorphins, the hormones that turns you happy and relaxed.

But how do you get all those advantages?

The answer is the sports cryotherapy machine, a machine used by professionals athletes as a treatment in muscle recovery and injury rehabilitation. This treatment has been created to solve the side effects that the ice baths can give to your body.

This method consist on an exposition to a process where you put your body in a extremely cold air chamber, at around -160ºC instead of the classic cold water that reaches 7ºC to 15ºC. The time of exposition is also smaller. You expose your body between 2 and 3 minutes to the chamber and get a better result that you get in a 20 minutes ice bath. The difference is the temperature reached by your skin. In the machine it reaches 1ºC to 5ºC without any risk of illness or injury. Ice baths are not dangerous but you expose yourself to really cold temperatures where your skin reaches 7ºC to 15ºC. This contrast can give you colds or cystitis.

And that are not all the advantages, it is also more comfortable, helps your body to in different ways that ice baths can’t and by the time you are getting out of the machine you can start exercising again because its time of recovering is really faster.

It is known that top level athletes around the world use this kind of machines. In the United States has been used by NBA, baseball and American football on a regular basis to improve the teams recovering after every big game or training. Also lots of famous athletes are demanding this kind of machine because they want to have their own in their own houses, so they can use them when they train by themselves.

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