Guide To Puerto Morelos

Destination Guide: Puerto Morelos

If you are looking for a holiday that will de-stress and detoxify you, and is in serene and tranquil surroundings, then Cancún is the place for you. You need to head towards this exquisite coastal city in Mexico for all the fun. Specifically, Cancun is in Quintana Roo, on the Yucatán Channel that separates Mexico from Cuba. This is the Mexican Caribbean! At the airport, you can get transport quite easily and 323 kms from the airport take a left turn. 2 kms on, you arrive at Puerto Morelos. This is a small fishing village on the coastline. The Mayan people are a very warm and welcoming people.

Named after the Mexican Independence leader José María Morelos, the town is 36km south of one of the more popular Mexican resorts of Cancun.  The town has grown rapidly over the past 8 years and is now becoming a very popular tourist destination. Even though there are many resorts in Puerto Morelos along the Riviera Maya, the area has managed to maintain its charm and tranquility.

Puerto Morelos offers an exotic holiday option for tourists who are tired of the hue and glamorous life of popular holiday destinations. This small Mexican beach has remained shrouded under the more upscale veil of beaches like Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. It has still managed to maintain its tranquil environment. When you come here, you get a serene feeling which pleases you to the core. One must stay at least a week long in this place to enjoy all that it has to offer.

The temperature is warm and tropical, but the sea breeze makes it more than bearable. The maximum temperature ranges from 26 degrees C in January to 32 degrees in July and August. The minimum temperature ranges from 18 degrees C to 25 degrees C. The hurricane season is stormy and nature is at its roughest. The nortes or fast-moving cold winds, which blow during the winter, bring temperatures down to 20 degrees C.

But once you arrive in this beautiful beach situated between the more boisterous Cancun and Playa Del Carmen beaches, the first question that will come to your mind is where to stay? Puerto Morelos offers a variety of accommodation and lodgings options like casitas, villas and other vacation rentals. But if you want to experience every possible activity available in town then you should book a room in Puerto Morelos hotels. These hotels that range from budget to luxury accommodate every need and requirement of the tourist. For example if you want to stay near the seaside then The Fives Hotels is your best bet. The place offers you a variety of options to rent rooms, apartments or studio apartments to take full advantage of the beauty around you.

Hotels in Puerto Morelos offers a variety of recreational activities which give you a chance to experience the main delights of this charming beach. You can go in for horseback riding on the beach, pay a visit to the Tulum ruins, the botanical garden, the local cenotes (sink holes) etc. In addition, you can go snorkeling right off the beach amidst the rich water life present there or you can go diving from the world’s second largest reef i.e. Palancar Barrier Reef just 800m out to sea. The hotels are located strategically so that they are few minutes away from all the exciting events taking place on the beach. The ambience also plays a major role in influencing your mood and the beachside bars are waiting for you to assuage your thirst. Puerto Morelos resort hotels presents a very tempting aspect of life at Puerto Morelos!

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